Do you ever wonder why you can’t stay away from junk food and what is it that makes it so irresistible?  Do you notice that the more you eat junk food the more lethargic and unmotivated you feel?

Even though most of us know what the ramifications of junk food overload are, we still eat the stuff…WHY?  What is the allure with these foods and HOW do you get it under control?  Junk foods are addictive and food companies formulate them to be appealing to you on a physiological level.  So, when cravings hit, you have to take notice and have a predetermined plan for making healthy choices instead.

Easier said than done, right?

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Here are 10 Strategies to help get you there.

Ten Strategies To Stop Cravings

    1. Stay hydrated – hunger is often mistaken for thirst so DRINK UP (I mean water people).
    2. Get plenty of sleep – lack of sleep especially over long periods of time can cause hormones to trigger our appetites and reduce energy levels.  This often leads to unnecessary snacking and junk food cravings.
    3. Alternative methods for stress management – stress is something we all experience but some handle it differently than others.  If you are struggling with your weight, take a look at how you manage you eat to curb difficult feelings?  If so, finding alternative ways to manage emotions could help you lose weight and control cravings
    4. Recognize the pattern – try to pay attention when food binges happen.  What triggered the binge (e.g. stress, emotional, lack of sleep)?  Why couldn’t you stop (e.g. no stress management, hadn’t eaten all day)?
    5. Plan ahead – don’t wait until you are starving to figure out what to eat.  Don’t leave the house without a basic plan for your meals and snacks.
    6. Eat enough during the day – waiting until the end of the day to eat a large meal leads to overeating…eat normally during the day and lighter in the evening
    7. Small changes over long period of time – if you do have issues with binge eating/snacking, don’t expect yourself to change instantly.  Make a plan for gradual changes and take baby steps.  Over time these baby steps will lead to a giant leap!
    8. Treat yourself like you have an addiction – so many of my clients come down on themselves when they overeat junk food.  It’s more effective to understand the circumstance that caused the binge than to reprimand yourself after it happens.
    9. Be kind to yourself – if you have a binge, be kind to yourself and get back on track.  Don’t waste time with words of self defeat or the idea of giving up your goal.  Just get back on track and treat yourself the same way you would treat a lifelong friend.
    10. Educate yourself on how these foods can negatively impact your health – once you find out that these foods are addictive, it helps take the self-defeat and self-blame out of the picture.  Instead of emotionally attacking yourself, the facts about food addiction allow you to be rational about why you binge and make new, rational choices about how to change.

If you struggle with cravings and need help losing weight and becoming healthier, send me a note and fill me on on your struggles are and your health and fitness goals..maybe we can work together virtually or in person!