When I answer questions about fitness or even when I am working with clients, it amazes me how often the exercises cause lower back pain. The truth is a good fitness plan, one that includes flexibility, core exercises, strength training and lower back exercises should help alleviate back pain (or get rid of it permanently)!

People just assume that lower back pain is a natural and normal part of exercise and daily life…NOT TRUE! If you perform exercises correctly and develop a balanced program that incorporates the important aspects of fitness (functionality, mobility, core strength, muscular balance, flexibility, etc) you should have no back pain during exercise at all!

Remember, an important component to any core strength training program is having a balanced program. Your plan for a stronger core must include back strengthening exercises, reduce lower back pain, and generally alleviate back shoulder, and neck pain. Here is a brief video (done by my fitness hero CJ) that demonstrates some simple techniques to alleviate back, shoulder, and neck pain. Let me know what you think!