I started coaching when I was 15 years old – teaching swim lessons! (I was a swimmer from age 8 – 17 and a lifeguard for 5 years). When I went to college I had so many interests (still do) and found myself choosing Kinesiology as a major along with doing an internship with one of the foremost health, nutrition and fitness teachers in the industry.

I have always loved athletics and being active. I’ve run races since I was 16, played volleyball since 6th grade took up snowboarding and golf as an adult (not an easy task!)…who knows what’s next!

As I went forward through life I realized that working out brings me a lot of joy, helped me deal with stress, improved my self-image, physical appearance and my health! (duh!)

I started training clients just after college and for a while considered pursuing physical therapy…life has a way of nudging you in certain directions and here I stand a trainer (for what seems like 4-EVA), a gym owner and still equally or more passionate about all of it!


I decided I was an “adult athlete” when I did my absolute favorite event ever…going Rim 2 Rim in the Grand Canyon…WOW! AWESOME!!! If you have this on your bucket list I encourage you…DO IT!

It’s my hope to continue with all types of adventurous activities throughout life and really lead by example when I say to someone “LIVE the athletic fit life.”

For now, I’ll keep playing in my local volleyball leagues, golfing in the summer, and snowboarding in the winter.

And thanks to being a Brooks Influencer my running career has reignited & I’m running some local races as well.

After many years of being a trainer, I started to realize I was not alone in my desire to continue with athletic pursuits as an adult. So many of my clients and friends asked me about various stretches to help them with injury prevention or tightness they experienced from their sport.

From knee and back pain the weak hips and glutes their questions ran the gamut – and thats not even touching the nutrition questions!

I realized I needed a system for sharing the best, science based info I had. Something that people feel, look and move better and keep them going at whatever sport they chose throughout their life.

Fun Facts About Me…

  • Staying active and fit keeps me sane.  I fear my path would’ve led me to the looney bin without it!  When I’m not doing health and fitness related things I love to read and/or spend time with friends and family.
  • I LOVE to cook, and I really enjoy drawing and designing things. and while I’ve taken a long break from my creative/artistic side it’s my goal to return to my creative projects very soon.
  • I swear ALL the time.  Like the F-bomb.  Even my mom has had to accept this about me. (see #5 for further info)
  • Strong will, discipline and compassion are my some of my strongest characteristics. Aka:  I love you but let’s get to f*cking work!
  • Chocolate and I are best buds and it is my goal to compile a large database full of recipes that allow me to believe I am being healthy while eating this nectar of the gods.
  • I have a love – hate relationship with running…which  never seems to change!  Running helps my over-active confetti brain but it is hard as f*ck!
  • I play volleyball and golf and run (I prefer trail running!).  I tried playing tennis with my tennis obsessed friend once and she did not invite me back due to I hit the person in the next court with a ball on the head.
  • I admire my hippie friends and wish I were a hippie but I am too type A!  It is my constant goal to become a less anxious person…I work on this by meditating everyday (which I suck at but I keep trying).
  • It’s my secret dream to become a backup dancer for Beyonce while simultaneously winning an Olympic gold medal in sand volleyball!  Both of these I would do while drinking a vodka soda between sets.



Official BIO…

JES REYNOLDS is dedicated to helping individuals at every level achieve their personal best in fitness.

HER MISSION: Lead every person who even moderately considers themselves an adult athlete to their highest possible level of fitness, nutrition and performance by offering elite level instruction, being motivational, inspiring and leading by example. Also to provide fantastic service, and science based teaching.


  • Passion- Having a passion for health, fitness & performance and we are always looking for ways to go beyond “great” in all things fitness related.
  • Motivation- Being fully aware of how important motivation is to achieving goals and take full responsibility in creating an environment which allows positive motivation to both thrive and become contagious.
  • Individualized- Commitment to creating products and services that meet individual needs.
  • Educate – Empowering clients through science-based education.
  • Professionalism- We are proud to offer best in class education, training, and safety and are always looking for ways to improve our level of professionalism.
  • Fun – Belief that achieving your best includes having fun along the way.

Jes Reynolds has been committed to teaching fitness, nutrition and mindset since she began her career in 2001. In her town she is known as “that crazy trainer” who knows her sh*t.  She shares her knowledge by working with groups, individuals in her studio which opened in March of 2016. Jes also enjoys writing, presenting to groups, creating online programs and online training as ways of working with people to make fitness a part of their long term lifestyle.

Jes has the following credentials:

  • B.S. in Kinesiology from MSU
  • Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-cpt)
  • CFSC (Certified Functional Strength Coach)
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified (In process)
  • FMS Level 1 (In process)
  • Titleist Performance Institute Level 1
  • Certified Cross Fit level 1
  • PT advisor to NuStep, Inc. (2012-2015)

Jes is beyond passionate about health, fitness & human performance…one of her favorite things to do is make her clients suffer 🙂