Photo by Andy Blackledge; (c)

“Ok let’s do it”…We both looked at each other with nervous excitement as we finalized the plan for what started as the inkling of an idea I had about 2 years ago when I was reading an article about a group of women who challenged themselves to go rim-to-rim across the Grand Canyon in one day. They wanted to run it, see how well they could do and celebrate one of the participants birthdays with a fantastic group finish.


As I read the details their run/hike and mulled it over in my mind I knew I wanted to try it myself. The only trouble being…I really don’t enjoy endurance training…at all!!! (But I will do it to prove to my clients (and myself) that I can!!!).  I thought it over for a while and then the idea was lost in vast open space I call my mind (yes that was an intentional blonde joke :-))the shuffle of life. I hadn’t thought about it for quite sometime until after a group of us had finished the Detroit half marathon. One of the group, my client and friend Stacia, approached me about doing a marathon in Patagonia. I jumped at the idea…the breathtaking scenery and the experience would make the grueling endurance training worth it!  But alas, when I found out the travel time required to get there I decided it wouldn’t make sense for me, at least not this year. That’s when genius struck! I remembered my little goal of going rim-to-rim in one day and I brought it up to Stacia. She was all about it and we started planning!


Today we finalized our itinerary for our trip rim-to-rim across the Grand Canyon. This challenge is the first of what I hope to be an annual or semi-annual adventure/fitness/wellness trip for myself and others during which our physical abilities will be challenged but in a fun and adventurous way.


While I am looking forward to it, I personally feel uncertain of how this will go. From my reading completing the rim-to-rim in one day is pretty challenging due to the combination of the trail terrain, the heat, the fact that you must carry snacks and water at least part of the way and the one looooong downhill followed by a short, flat distance and then a loooong continuous uphill.  Not to mention that attempting to complete the trail in one day is highly discouraged by park officials.


The trip takes place at the end of the summer so I’ll be posting periodic updates on training and once the trip happens you will see many many photos posted to the Fanpage, Instagram and the blog! With the date of the trip is coming up so quickly, we didn’t really plan for too many others to join us. But the option is still open to anyone interested! It’s my hope to host this to become an annual event for people to attend. If you want to join us in going rim-to-rim at the end of this summer (2015) contact me asap via email, the web contact page or FB!