Testimonial Q & A – Rose Parker

Have you been wondering what all this online coaching stuff is all about? Check out this Q & A I did with Rose Parker – a woman who had not exercised in 4 years to find out more about how online coaching might benefit you!

Question #1: What was your biggest challenge in fitness before you started your online training & nutrition coaching plan?  A: Lack of energy and motivation. I felt it would not work because I didn’t have the time or strength.


Question #2:  What results do you get / have you gotten from your online training & nutrition coaching plan?  A:  The results are amazing. I have more energy. I can see the results in the cloths I wear, my energy/ endurance level. I can do exercises now that I could not have done before and exercise longer. I have done a 5k and am training for another one.

Question #3:  What kept you from starting with an online training & nutrition coaching plan?  A:  I felt it would not work. I thought it was hopeless.

Question #4: What exactly did you like most about the online training & nutrition coaching you did with Jes? A:  The motivation it gives me. The confidence to try new things. I am so proud of myself for working so hard and not giving up. Also the results I have accomplished.

Question #5:  Why would you recommend this online training & nutrition coaching plan to another Woman over 55 who might be on the fence?  A:  Because it works. We blame weight gain on slow metabolism or menopause. But we can reboot our metabolism.

Question #6:  Do you have any other benefits you want to mention about online training & nutrition coaching with Jes, or anything else you want to add? A:  Anyone considering this should just do it. You will be glad you did.

Question #7:  What, specifically, was your favorite part of your online training and why?
A:  I really enjoyed the support I received from JES. I believe it was a driving force behind my success. I knew JES was monitoring my diet and exercise. She was the little voice that kept me going.

Question #8:  What was your main concern that would have prevented you from buying this online training & nutrition coaching plan and what put your fears to rest? A:  That it would not work. That I could not do it. The diet is a ten day reset and the training package is in 6 week intervals. I felt that I could always stop if I needed to. I haven’t so far and plan on continuing working with JES . I really enjoy it.

Question #9:  What made you choose Jes Reynolds’s online training & nutrition coaching plan? over anything else you could have done? A: I had spoke with other people that I knew and trusted who had followed Jes diet and exercise regimen and had amazing results. So I thought I should try it also.

Question #10:  If someone called you and said “Why should I work with Jes Reynolds?” or “Why should I buy the online training & nutrition coaching” — what would you tell them?  A: I would share my story with them. I it’s one of the best investments I have made. It is an investment in myself and I am worth it.

Question #11:  Is there anything you’d like to add about the experience you had with online training & nutrition coaching plan Jes Reynolds, or anything else? A:  It is one of the best things I could have done for myself. I have tried other weight loss products. Pills that guarantee results…it never happened. I have not been perfect, but I never gave up. JES has always been there offering encouragement. I believe she believed I could do it before I believed I could.

Question #12:  What are three benefits you’ve experienced as a result of the online training & nutrition coaching?  A:  Weight loss, increased energy, and I am proud of myself . What an accomplishment. I still have goals I want to achieve. I believe that I will reach them.

Question #13:  Would you recommend this online training & nutrition coaching plan? If so, why?  A:  Oh yes I have and will continue to recommend this program.

Question #14:  What surprised you the most or made you the most happy about the online training & nutrition coaching?
A:  I didn’t think I would like the food or the shakes. I didn’t care for the protein shakes and bars I have tried in the past. The recipes were all easy and delicious.  As far as exercise- I hadn’t done any in over 4 years. This whole process has been an amazing journey. Not only am I healthier but my posture has improved. I was starting to have hunched shoulder s and back. Now that is self correcting.

Testimonial – Mike Godwin

Testimonial – Mike Godwin

I have been training with Jes for about two and a half years and am more fit now than I was at the age of 30.  I’m 47 now and my goal is to continue playing hockey, golf and martial arts into my 70’s. Since meeting Jes, I don’t see any reason why I can’t meet that goal or even extend it by a decade.

When I met Jes I was fit, but plagued by injuries.  My body was out of balance.  I was compensating for pain and weakness even though I felt strong.  Jes was amazing and first helped me rehab my shoulder which was wreaking havoc on the rest of me!   She said I was “all tilty” and that my core was weak.  She was right!  We spent a lot of time working on my core strength, balance and posture.  Her whole body approach helped me re-pattern movements that had become corrupted over the years.  Her deep knowledge of kinesiology, nutrition, anatomy, balance, strength and endurance have helped me in ways I never thought possible.  She has helped me get so far and I am grateful for all she’s done for me!

Jes is a great listener and will find the right approach to motivating you. She knows when and how to push you and is always positive and compassionate. She has helped me to learn to focus on the value of building on small improvements that continue over time to become big changes.  She has become a good friend in the gym and heckles me all the time.  I love it, it makes me work harder and stay humble.  I honestly don’t think I’d be working out regularly if it weren’t so much fun to hang out with Jes at her little shop of fitness torture!

Testimonial: Jill Beckley

Testimonial: Jill Beckley

I did Jes Reynolds 10-Day Nutrition Reset and loved the results.  It was a struggle and I was not perfect in following the reset 100%, however, I came through the 10 days feeling really good, having lots of energy, and losing about 7 lbs.  

My goal in doing the 10-Day Nutrition Reset was not to lose weight; however, that was a welcomed side effect.  I enjoy being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, however, my father passed away in August and since then, about 5 months, I had not been taking care of myself.  I was drinking too often, eating terribly, and not making exercise a priority.  I need a healthy diet and exercise to be part of my daily life in order to feel balanced and to have a clear mind and positive attitude.  I was feeling foggy every day and was not my normal optimistic self.  I needed something to help push me back towards being healthy and Jes Reynolds 10-day reset seemed like the perfect thing.  I felt like I could do anything for 10 days.  

I strongly suggest anyone who is going to do the reset reads through the entire program and gives yourself a few days to think about the commitment and also purchase the food items you will need.  I made the mistake of not reading through the entire thing.  I purchased what was needed for the first 2 days and started without completely reading what the plan was for the next 10 days.  

The first day was great.  I drank my smoothies and my husband made me the butternut squash soup per the recipe provided.  I tried to eat it, however, I do not like spice and the curry in the butternut squash soup was WAY too much for me.  I ended up making a second batch using no curry and combining the two.  Then I had no problem eating it.  On the second day, I woke up feeling hungry.  I had my smoothies and fresh raw vegetables; however, at lunch time I ate 2 of my kid’s gluten & dairy free chicken nuggets.  I didn’t need them and they certainly didn’t satisfy any craving or dietary need, but I wanted to eat something resembling unhealthy since I was addicted to eating garbage food.  Day 2 was the sweet potato soup and it was amazing.  On day three I woke up feeling great.  Had lots of energy, but still wanted to eat junk.  I pushed through and resisted the urge.  It was amazing to me that after 3 days of the reset I was already feeling so energized and positive.  I will not lie, I was looking forward to eating something other than raw veggies on day four, but I was feeling great.

Days 4 thru 7 were fantastic.  I meal prepped so I had 2 solid meals a day, plus the smoothies, raw veggies and some fruit.  On day 8, I had a date night planned with my husband. I did really well and ate healthy all day, however, at dinner I had fajitas with cheese (I did eat them with corn tortillas so no gluten) and I had 3 glasses of red wine.  I woke up the next day feeling angry at myself.  I proceeded on my normal path of eating bad because I was feeling bad, however, decided I was not going to throw away my week of hard work and dedication.  Day 10 I mimicked the first three days and had all pureed foods and then finished Days 11 and 12 eating per the plan.  

I know this is a long review, but I wanted everyone to know that I was not perfect in following the reset.  I had some hiccups and bumps in the road, but pushed though and continued to rededicate myself to the plan.  In the end, I felt great, had tons of energy, and lost 7 lbs.  This is a fantastic tool to reset your nutrition health.  It is not a cure all; you definitely can’t do this then go back to eating pizza and burgers every day and expect to keep your energy levels up and the weight off.  You have to use Jes Reynolds’ 10-day Nutrition Reset as a starting point to make life long changes in the way you chose to fuel your body.  You need all the vitamins and nutrients from vegetables, fruit, and lean protein to help your body to live ultimately and this reset will put you on the right path to get there.  I plan on doing the reset again in a month or so and following it 100%.  Today, I’m using the things I learned and am making much better food choices for myself and my family every day.  

Golf Fitness Testimonial: Don McGee

Golf Fitness Testimonial: Don McGee

I’ve been getting some very positive feedback about golf fitness class and though you might like to see how one of my students benefitted from just a few classes.   Over the last few years of teaching golf fitness, I’ve learned a lot…but one thing I’ve learned more than all the others is that there is some confusion out there as to whether golf specific fitness actually makes a difference to the average golfer.

I thought I’d share this email I received from my client Done who took part in my Golf Fitness class.  After just a few classes our schedules fell apart but Don was already working out regularly on his own so he implemented the exercises he had learned into his routine.  Here is what Don had to say:

Name: Don McGee
Age: 51
Years working out: 36
Years playing golf: 25


Why did you decide to take Jes’s golf fitness class?
I’m getting older and less flexible and I know that is why I was loosing distance,so I went to Jes for help in her golf fitness class.


What type of things did you learn in class?
Exercises that helped me with my hip turn and flexibility.  Jes showed me some things that helped me improve my lateral stability and increase my ability to turn on an axis point without losing posture.


What type of result did you get from using the exercises in class on a regular basis?
I am happy to say that I am now hitting the ball 20 to 25 yards longer with every club!!  Thanks to Jes!

As you can see, Don can already jump pretty high…lol!

It’s these type of emails that motivate me to keep giving presentations and putting out content that can help people improve their swing.  If you want to hear more about how fitness has improved my clients games, check out Doug’s testimonial…he is a great cheerleader for me!

Would you like to sign up for golf fitness class or set up a TPI screen?  Email me at jesreynoldsfitness@gmail.com to see if any of our times work with your schedule!  
Not in the local Ann Arbor area?  Check out the Get Golf Fit Video Subscription and The Golf Fitness Fundamentals manual to get started working on your own!

Even if you aren’t ready yet…stay with me for these motivating updates!  We are just getting started!!!!

Remember, your body is YOUR MOST IMPORTANT piece of equipment!  Have a great day!  Jes

Mel’s First Session Testimonial

Mel’s First Session Testimonial

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.18.32 AMAfter having my second child I’ve been working for 7 months to lose the baby weight. I’ve taken numerous classes including orange theory, cardio kickboxing and total conditioning classes. I wanted to do a session w Jes to learn  how use weights correctly and how to get the most out of my workouts. We’ve had just one session and I’ve already learned a great lower body and ab routine and I was surprised that I was doing some of the basic exercises the wrong way. I think working with Jes one on one will really help me gain the knowledge I need to achieve my goals. Can’t wait for the next one!

Testimonial: Karen Godwin

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 11.25.26 AM
My name is Karen Godwin, I’m over 40 and I’ve been training with Jes for 3 years. I had been preparing for my black belt in Tang Soo Do when I was sidelined due to a foot injury. I wanted to maintain my conditioning, add strength training and work on flexibility in a different setting to keep my fitness level high, so I signed up with Jes after getting referrals from two of my friends.

I’ve continued to train with Jes over the years because Jes motivates, pushes, entertains, inspires and teaches me – always helping me see that I can achieve my goals. I consider her a partner in optimizing my health and an amazing coach. In fact, she recently helped me ramp up and conquer my 2nd degree black belt test and earn Grand Champion in a Pan-American tournament. Without her partnership, I would not have achieved this!

Jes is different from other trainers I’ve worked with, many of whom seem to use a “workout in a box” without true needs-based personal customization. However, Jes takes a unique approach to designing a workout for me, she’s taken the time to really get to know what makes me tick, what physical challenges are unique to me and always varies our program to constantly push me forward. No workout is the same and I love it. While I HATE the rower, she pushes me to use it and I keep beating my own best times each week. She’s also super fun to talk to….we laugh a lot!

I don’t measure my results in numbers. But I can honestly say that she’s been a core part of my team for achieving amazing health and excellence in Tang Soo Do. I am the fittest I have ever been! Perhaps the most amazing result is that I am constantly surprising myself with what I am capable of doing….and she is the support and encouragement that helps me get there.

I’m a huge fan! Vote for Jes!