Testimonial: Nick Giardino

Testimonial: Nick Giardino

072114_nick_giardino_pr_07When I started training with Jes four years ago I was in the worst shape in my life and decided that I needed to change course. Now, at age 50, I am in the best shape ever. I run, play soccer and tennis, climb mountains, and can tackle any job around the house or yard without fear of injury. Pretty much anything I want to do, I can now do. I feel physically fit, steady, strong, capable and confident.

Jes is an amazing trainer. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. Jes works on whole-body fitness: strength, stability, flexibility and endurance. She also understands the psychological aspects of fitness training. Jes is always positive and motivating. No matter what kind of mood I arrive in for my sessions, Jes’ attitude gets me ready to work hard. And even though she kicks my butt, I enjoy our training sessions and always leave feeling better than when I arrived.

I really don’t know where I’d be without Jes. She has helped change my life. Thank you, Jes!

Testimonial: Dana Nelson

Testimonial: Dana Nelson

IMG_1516I have trained with Jessica for approximately five years. I find her to be very confident, thorough, and I enjoy her company. At 68 years old, seeking out her expertise is one of the best decisions I have made. Jessica has helped me get into fantastic shape. The best complement I can give her is that she taught me how to manage my threshold of pain allowing me to breakthrough to another level of endurance. I really appreciate all she does for me.

Testimonial: Laura Kellmann


If you are reading this testimonial you should hire Jessica Reynolds. She is a phenomenal trainer who pulls from her vast amount of knowledge to customize a workout routine that delivers results. She consistently tailors exercises that align with your goals and will target improvement in strength and flexibility.

It always amazes me that the morning after each workout I still feel sore in all the right places.You would think that after training with Jes for so many years that effect would have diminished. Not a chance! I still have to carefully roll out of bed. Say a few choice words. And smile that my workout has yet again taken me to another level.

With Jessica’s guidance I have run six half-marathons, completed a 30-mile bike ride, survived a downhill mountain biking experience, hiked in some of the most beautiful places in the U.S., and — most importantly — created a healthy, active lifestyle that allows for endless possibilities.

Jes keeps me focused. She motivates me. She keeps me striving for more. I am proud to have Jessica as my trainer and my friend.

Testimonial: Doug Larson

Doug Larson
I had been active in baseball and basketball from childhood until my late 30’s and have been a golfer my entire life (starting when I was a teenager), so physical fitness was always an unstated goal/strategy of my life. I began strength training about 20 years ago when my employer provided a free membership at a local health club. However, I never thought of a personal trainer until one Christmas I decided to give my wife an introductory three-session personal training package with Jes as a gift…which she loved and has continued since. The following Christmas she gave me the same gift which I also loved and have continued since.

I have never been goal oriented (I have trajectories) so when Jes asked me what my goals were, all I could think of was a phrase that Lestor Holt of the “Today” show used to describe a man as “a chiseled piece of man candy”. 🙂 Fortunately, Jes’s ability to assess her client’s personal training needs quickly resulted in goals popping up like popcorn. For example, I was never big on stretching, so increasing my range of motion was an immediate goal. Also, when I found out that Jes has a focused interest in golf fitness training, the goal of eliminating a bad golf swing habit took center stage. Below is an example of an implementation of a goal with Jes.


Testimonial – Carrie Widder

Carrie Widder Marketing Expert & Newlywed

I have always worked out with trainers no matter what city I lived in, and a few months after moving to Ann Arbor, I started working out with Jes 2 times a week. Not long after I started working with her, I also got engaged, which made those 2 hours a week that we spent together even more crucial as I wanted to look and feel the best I could on my wedding day!

With Jes’ support and awesome training routines, I was the smallest and strongest I had ever been in my adult life when I got married. And although the wedding is long over, I continue to work out with Jes twice a week, where she helps me create new goals regarding diet and exercise. After almost two years together, I would say that Jes Reynolds has helped reshape (no pun intended) my thinking regarding my body and weight for the better. With her support, I’ve started running again more regularly, tried spinning for the first time, created my own routines in the gym, and have developed a way healthier attitude about how and what to eat (Pizza is good. 13 slices of pizza at once is bad.).

Jes is an amazing trainer and someone I am lucky to call a friend. I can’t thank her enough for how much she has helped me grow (emotionally) and shrink (physically) while I have lived in Ann Arbor.


Testimonial – Sandy Wagner

SandyWagner_HSHi my name is Sandy Wagner and I am the Head Women’s Golf Coach at Eastern Michigan University and a golf instructor at Miles of Golf. I asked Jes Reynolds to speak to my group of lesson students at Miles of Golf and was so impressed with her communication skills and enthusiasm that I asked her to give me some private training sessions.

As an athletic 45 year old, fitness has always been an important aspect of my life. I get more out of my workouts when someone else can instruct me and push me to meet my goals! When I met Jes I knew she was the one to help me reach my fitness goals. She motivates and encourages me every workout we have together. I know I could goto the gym by myself and workout but it is no where near as productive by having Jes yell at me to do one more rep or to do one more circuit because in the end it will be worth it!

Jes and I have been working together for over 6 months now and I have never felt better with my fitness level. She knew just how to help me reach my fitness goals!

Sandy Wagner
Head Women’s Golf Coach
Eastern Michigan University