Bud Gibson: Perfect Client, Perfect Nutrition … well …


It’s hard to describe exactly how thrilling it is to have the words “Perfect Client” associated with your name on Jes’ blog. Of course, it’s probably only for as long as it takes her to get back from vacation. Oh well, into each life a little rain must fall.

But on to the real topic of this post: my nutrition, which in the past has been far from perfect but has now attained a pretty reasonable level. Here’s my story in a nutshell:

  • Eleven years ago, I thought an improved diet meant getting a frosty with my Wendy’s triple cheese burger and biggie fries instead of a coke product. After all, a frosty had dairy, which had to be better for you than the pure chemicals found in coke products.
  • Then I had to have emergency surgery for an infected gall bladder and literally took years getting through all the consequences.
  • During that time, I started working out intensively with an aim to lose some of my 220 lbs. I made some progress.
  • Feeling stalled in weight loss, I turned to the Atkins diet. It worked. Jes tends to eschew Atkins, but if you think Wendy’s frosty drinks are a step toward better nutrition, you have to count Atkins as a much better step in the right direction.
  • Atkins worked. I lost a lot of weight and did well for two years.
  • Eventually, I found myself at then Gold’s Gym, now Arbor Fit, training with Jes. When I announced my decision to get back on the Atkins’ bandwagon after having been off for a while, well you can imagine the reaction. She actually told me I would not be allowed to train with her. While I thought that was over blown, she seemed so ernest that I decided to pay her some mind.
  • And, I’m glad I did! Jes turned me on to On Target Living, founded by her mentor, Chris Johnson. That was a revelation. I enjoined Chris in an extended email exchange the end result of which was him sending me the book he advertises on his site … for free! He probably just wanted to stop the constant email stream (I get a lot of things that way).
  • The book is great, and I still use it. I actually eat vegetables and salads now and no longer view Wendy’s frosty drinks as a nutritional step forward.
  • Recently Jes turned me on to Lance Armstrong’s Live Strong site, a great place to track nutrition. The nice thing about this site is that, instead of tedious food logs, you just start to type what you ate, and you usually find a good match, with seemingly accurate macronutrient information. Easy, which is critical.

My current approach is to follow on-target principles with Lance Armstrong tracking. It seems to be working. I’m maintaining a good weight.

In the last three years, Jes has been a great resource in all of this, offering all sorts of good ideas, so much so that I finally convinced my wife to take the plunge with her. I’m extremely satisfied. Yes, as you might guess, we butt heads, but Jes’ analyses and knowledge are spot on. She’s the best trainer I’ve known.

Funny things About Training with Jessica- by Heidi Heiss

Funny things About Training with Jessica- by Heidi Heiss

Written by Heidi Heiss

1. If you have a habit of  looking down during an exercise, Jes will continually (and sarcastically) ask you what your looking at until you break the habit.

2. TIP: If Jes says she has a fun workout for you…be very afraid and make up an excuse to cancel if possible (hehe)

3.  TIP: Its best if you just listen to all her advise and do it, because to be honest she is right most of the time and will be truly proud of you

4.  Once she asked me to do an exercise on the bosu ball.  After she described the set, I looked at the floor, zoned out, and walked around the bosu twice in a circle.  As I was walking around it, Jes says to me…”walking around that bosu in a circle isn’t going to make it disapear”

5.  TIP: I wouldn’t look, glance, or even wonder about the time during a session, because if you do, Jes will catch you and say (in a loud commanding voice):  Did you just look at the clock?

6.  One day I wore sweats and a huge mens t-shirt to workout.. Jessica:  “Are you trying to look like a boy?”

7.  Jessica: “Oh, now we are going to do this exercise your horrible at!”

8.  TIP: In the Jes language the word ‘good’ does not mean you are done with your set or have one rep left  (I’m pretty sure I have no idea what it means actually but she says it a lot)

9. TIP: you will always have 5 more of what ever you are doing left

10.  TIP: if she asks you if the weight is to easy or light, your best bet is to stay silent don’t say or do anything


Chronicles of the Jes/Ron Beach Volleyball Adventure: Intro

Chronicles of the Jes/Ron Beach Volleyball Adventure: Intro

Since my “How I Got Started in Fitness” post was so popular, I decided (under the tutelage of an unnamed website coach) to do a few posts about the sport I am passionate for…volleyball.

I play volleyball at least once a week all year round.  I’ve been playing indoor volleyball since 6th grade and I played every year all through high school including AAU teams (ah those were the days).  I became very good toward the end of high school but opted to play on a club team during college instead of participating in it as a varsity sport.

While I’ve had an occasional break in play since middle school, I’d have to say that volleyball games and tournaments have been a constant in my life ever since I started the sport.  I’ll mention again that most of my time has been spent playing indoor and although over the years I’ve moonlighted with sand volleyball, I never really developed a ‘game’.  I just used my indoor game to play in the sand, which is why I was never very good.

BUT this year…I hit the jack pot!  A very experienced sand player asked me to be his co-ed doubles partner for the year.  Meet Ron…

The real Ron

Ron and his cool girlfriend JoAnne

Ron singing...(priceless)

While I know he looks really friendly in the photos it might surprise you to know that Ron and I have known each other for years but never really got along.  The first time we met included me screaming at Ron across the volleyball court at the bar league regarding the score and the readiness of the players (we were on opposing teams).  Since that day it’s been standard for our discussions to start out really well, somehow turn ugly, and occasionally include me getting up to walk away.

Notice the flag in background.

Thankfully something shifted this year, otherwise we’d be in major trouble.  As it happens, Ron and I played and practiced together all year in peace (miracle).  And even more than that, we actually got into a really positive groove of friendship, teamwork, and VICTORY!  Maybe that’s the beauty of having a common goal and being passionate about it; you can find a way to make things work.   I grew to really enjoy the dynamic between myself and my once hated coach/partner (ok hate is a strong word but it works for the story).

On my end, I found it was fun to have a coach telling me (queen of bossy) what to do and how to improve.  In fact I welcomed it (most of the time) because it took the pressure off me to figure things out for myself and coach myself while also trying to play the game.  For once it was my turn to be the student and it felt great to have a coach be so patient with me while I learned new and different aspects of the game.

Having a coach also helped me see the value personal training and monthly workout plans.  I experienced the reassurance of having support, coaching, and correction as my coach and I worked toward a common goal. THANK YOU RON

Again notice the flag!

So far, Ron and I managed to win the AA co-ed league open division.  But alas, we went to my first (his 1 millionth) tournament and of course Ron puts us in the highest division.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.  I had just one small factor to contend with…30 mph winds blowing diagonally across the court!  In fact, I can’t believe there wasn’t a hurricane blip on the radar during our tournament.  That’s how hard the wind was blowing.


For someone like me the diagonal wind basically spelled toilet bowl bracket.  After practicing and playing all year, I wasn’t even close to ready to adjust to the wind.  My serves sucked all day long and so did my offense since every time I went up to hit the ball flew in an s-shaped swivel back and fourth in front of my hand.

Workin' on my skills

While our record for the day ended up being fairly embarrassing, I will admit that there were many positives that came out of this day of new challenges.

  • Playing against these experienced and high level sand players challenged me.
  • It was the first time in years I was able to get ‘in the zone’ during a game
  • I saw in myself the glimmer of a budding game as a sand player

All-in-all three really good things for a day spent doing what I love, being in the sun, and swimming in the huge beautiful waves.  It was an awesome first tournament even though Ron forced me to play at a higher level than I was ready for.  We’ve got another one coming up in a week, so I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

How I Got Started In Fitness

How I Got Started In Fitness

As most of you know, my name is Jes Reynolds and I’m a personal trainer in the Ann Arbor area.  I started this blog to educate people about health, fitness, and related topics and I also contribute to AnnArbor.com on health and fitness topics.  To have some fun and share some insights into the life of a trainer (and we see it all!).

It’s been brought to my attention that a number of you would like to learn more about me as a person.  I’m sure gym members get all kinds of ideas about me as they watch me zoom around the gym either with a client or my Ipod blasting away as I work out myself.  I thought I would re-post what I wrote to introduce myself to the AnnArbor.com readers.  It’s kindof funny and it gives some insight into me as a person.

In the future, I’ll do my best to share some info on what motivates me to train the way I do, my insights into health and fitness as a lifestyle, and maybe a little bit about my own personal athletic pursuits (aka I just won the Ann Arbor Open Division for Co-Ed Sand Doubles last night!)

So here’s the initial post I did for aa.com…if you guys are actually interested in reading more stuff like this, let me know as I didn’t realize it would be that interesting to people…..

My mother once told me personal training was the perfect job for me because I get to boss people around all day. Well, she was right. In the following few paragraphs I’ll try to give you a brief overview of how I decided that fitness, instead of running for president, was the perfect outlet for my intense bossiness.

I started my love affair with sports and fitness at the age of 8, when mom dragged me kicking and screaming to the Pinckney Community Pool to be a part of the swim team. Suspicions that arose during practice were confirmed after the first meet, I was officially the worst swimmer on the team. But for some reason (most likely the cute boys) that didn’t stop me and I kept at it all the way through high school.

I picked up volleyball in middle school and my career riding the pine (bench warmer) continued. As high school volleyball tryouts approached I was sure I would never make it, but thankfully, there was room for me on the bench in high school too. Around that second year of high school volleyball something started to change. I’m not sure if someone put a spell on me or what, but I finally came into my own as an athlete that year. I never looked back.

Thanks to my high school weights teacher Mrs. Mate, I started learning about nutrition and fitness as lifestyle apart from athletics (yes still stuck in high school time warp) and it was the combination of the two that planted the seed for my life-long passion for health, fitness, and nutrition. I went on to earn a B.S. in Kinesiology from my beloved Michigan State University (GO GREEN!).

Living and teaching the fitness lifestyle is a passion and joy for me. Because of my education and training as a trainer I’ve been fortunate enough to develop a unique perspective on fit living and a distinctive personal training style. This combined with my bossy nature and intense personality allows me to channel what some may consider my negative qualities into a positive outlet. I work with individuals of all levels and I love it!

Over time I found that even though I love the one-on-one setting of personal training, it simply didn’t allow me to boss enough people around. In hopes of reaching more people with my bossy yet well-informed message, I started a blog: http://JesReynolds.com that includes lots of educational fitness tips and information. As an official Ann Arbor resident, it is my hope to use my training, my blog, and my voice as a community contributor to be a voice in creating a healthier, more fit community.

Jes Now a Contributor for Ann Arbor.com

Well guys, it’s official.  I became a contributor and wrote my first post for Ann Arbor.com today.  I have some really great ideas about what to write, and hopefully I can do a good job.  I tried to make my introductory post entertaining and funny while also sharing a little about myself.  You might find out some funny unknown facts about me if you decide to check it out.

Anyway, here is the first little bit and if you want to read the rest you have to visit the link at the bottom.  Hope it brings you a smile!

Hi, my name is Jes Reynolds. I’m a personal trainer in the Ann Arbor area, and I’ll be blogging each week about fitness and nutrition topics.

My mother once told me personal training was the perfect job for me because I get to boss people around all day. Well, she was right. In the following few paragraphs I’ll try to give you a brief overview of how I decided that fitness, instead of running for president, was the perfect outlet for my intense bossiness.

You can check out the rest of my first post by visiting this page on AnnArbor.com