New Fad Diet and Product Ideas Inspired by Members…

PART ONE: New Fad Diet
BEFORE YOU READ THIS:  it is a joke, do not take me seriously.

I want to introduce all of you to a New Fad Diet designed by the brilliant Tom Nowatzke.  Most of you who work out in the morning know Tom to be the truck driving, motor cycle crashing, nice guy that he is.  Well I guess Tom is also a diet genius because he designed an awesome fad diet that allowed him to lose more than 10 lbs in 3 days!!!

Tom’s Diet Instructions

1)  Be a good husband and make dinner for the family.
2)  Dinner prep: raw poultry & a single paper plate.


3)  Place raw chicken on paper plate.
4)  Grill chicken & place on contaminated plate to take back into house.
5)  Eat contaminated chicken covered in salmonella bacteria


6)  Throw up and be unable to eat for 3 days.

And the weight magically comes off!  Ok, so this is a slight joke on Tom, but this simple mistake did make him sick for three days!  And in case you don’t know my humor…DO NOT TRY THIS EVER.  I am only kidding!  I am not a proponent of using unhealthy tactics to lose weight, even when they are mistakes!

PART TWO: New Product Idea
I think today was just one of those days when a lot of funny stuff came up.  One of my clients, Bud Gibson suggested I offer a new product called Saturday night intervention.  According to Bud, if you purchase Saturday night intervention, I will text you at around 8pm every Saturday.  The texts will say things like:

“Do not eat 2 pieces of pizza”
“Do not drink that Pina Colada”
“Stop Over-eating NOW”

There are all good ideas, by I thought of my own personal favorite: “If you eat one more bite of that you are running for the entire hour of your next training session at a 12% incline”

What do you guys think?  If you have anything to add to this awesome list of texts, please share!

PART THREE:  Nickname Update
Also wanted to inform you guys that my nickname has been officially changed from a combination of Lady Heather and The Queen of Hearts to Alice from Alice in Wonderland!  I’m moving up in the world I guess!

Dominate T-shirts Ready To Rock (R2R)

Dominate T-shirts Ready To Rock (R2R)

In case you guys didn’t know…R2R is the standard abbreviation for Ready To Rock. I need to keep you guys up to speed on this type of stuff so you don’t fall behind the times!  If you have any other questions about the English language, just send me an email and I’ll be sure to know the answer. 🙂

Ok, now onto the point.  I figured out a way to get the t-shirts easily accessible for anyone who wants one without me becoming a t-shirt vendor.  So if you want to get one, they are available at Dominate T-shirts R US

Alternatively, if you are interested in joining my 3 friends in starting a Dominator T-Shirt World Take Over, just send me an email, K?

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It’s been a running joke…

It wasn’t until a 65 year old conservative male client asked me if i watched CSI that i realized it’s very apparent I enjoy being bossy…

“Do you watch CSI” he says
“Not really” I reply
“Well you remind me of Lady Heather, you know the dominatrix”

It’s at this point, while watching his face turn beat red and listening to him laugh, I say nothing while making note to self to check out who this Heather character is and if I resemble her in anyway. After review with friend, I definitely don’t remind myself or her of Lady Heather (thank GOD).