What? No Eight Minute Abs?

If I were like many ‘fitness celebrities’, this would be the point where I would pitch the ultimate fitness program, the miracle piece of home fitness equipment, or some other instant/8 minute result in a box (don’t forget shipping and handling). Fortunately for you, I am one of those people who has real fitness results, but who also had to do actual work (probably more than most) to get them. And whether you like it or not, whether you want to hear it or not, if you want fitness results, you are going to have to do some work too.

The photo is of me doing some weight training. I’m kindof obsessed with fitness as a whole…you know weights, cardio, conditioning, lifting, and sports. It has been my passion, my career, my hobby and my source of emotional stability for years! Maybe someday I’ll get some more professional photos done, but I’m not really a camera person so for now you have to settle for home photos and hopefully most of them will be of someone else!

If you’re interested in fat loss, weight loss, getting fit, or nutrition, it’s no doubt that you’ve encountered a wide variety of fat burning pills, drinks, patches, capsules, and shakes that are guaranteed to make you lose weight or burn fat, “while you sleep”. Although the photos in magazines, TV ads and over the internet are very appealing, you should think twice before spending your hard earned money on those products. The truth is there is no fat burning pill, drink, or capsule that keeps body fat off in the long term.

Sure, you can see some dramatic short-term results and change your body fat % by using weight loss drugs, thermogenics, thyroid stimulators, diuretics, and other chemicals. However, the immediate results you may see can be deceiving. It’s a rush for anyone when they see quick and easy results without any real effort on their part. But in the long run, it’s an illusion that takes you further from your long term goals of living healthy and lean for your entire life. (Can you imagine taking “fat burners” at age 70? Is there a miracle cure that can make you strong & healthy and able to play with your grandkids at 80 years old?)

Just like vitamins, herbs, & health foods, the market for nutritional supplements, prescription obesity drugs, or even over the counter “fat burners”, is soaring. With all the products on the market, magazine articles, news report, books, and infomercials, it’s easy to buy into their appealing sales pitches.

FYI: Fitness results can’t be achieved from buying a product, no matter what it is or what the product may claim. Yes, some products can make you look fit, some products can teach you to get fit, and some products can help you get fit, but LASTING fitness results (which should be your goal) are really only experienced by those who make healthful living a lifestyle.

You won’t find any quick fix solutions for sale here because this isn’t a quick fix fitness product blog. I didn’t get my fitness results by taking pills or anything else, I get my continued results the old fashion way, by working out, eating right, and mentally setting myself up to succeed.

I get emails and questions all the time with people asking me for help with their fitness program. Some of them live pretty far away, so I created a blog and this blog and a FREE EBOOK to help get people started in the right direction and hopefully assist them on creating a fitness plan that produces the results they are looking for.

If you find it helpful, the blog is a free resource and you can pass the word along to friends that are interested in fitness or if you want to learn more, sign up for the Jes Reynolds Fitness RSS Feed and get the latest fitness updates delivered to your email inbox (I think, still trying to fully understand all this internet stuff).

Gym Tips & Workout Ideas Tip #4

There are numerous gym tips I can share to help you achieve performance or fitness related goals.  There are so many in fact, that I feel it’s important to first take a general approach, and you can then insert the previous tips I’ve shared into your each step.

1) Determine a clear and specific goal.

2) Evaluate yourself in the three areas of fitness – exercise, nutrition, psychological.

3) Use your goal to create a step-by-step road map that includes incremental victories and ultimate.

4) Find a partner with similar goals and motivation.

5) Re-evaluate yourself each week and identify areas that need improvement.

These basic gym tips are the true steps to achieving any fitness related goal.  For example, if you have a general weight loss goal, but you don’t evaluate yourself in each of the three areas of fitness, you could be totally missing that one final piece of the puzzle.

Think of this, you work hard in the gym all 5 days during the week, you eat relatively healthy and get lots of sleep, but for some reason when the weekend comes, it’s a no holds barred food binge.  You know you’re sabotaging all your weeks’ hard work, but for some reason you keep doing it, week in and week out.  You missed one of the most important aspects of achieving fitness related goals, the mental aspect.

Olympic athletes do it, why shouldn’t you?  It’s the practice of visualizing yourself achieving your dream.  Whether it’s to run a marathon or lose 10 lbs, this mental practice makes all the difference in the world.  In addition to visualizing, you should also ask yourself questions like:  Why am I doing this?  Why am I sabotaging myself?  Do feel like I’m constantly denying myself?  Am I still afraid of being fat?  Am I running away from the ‘fat kid’ I was in middle school?  These questions should elicit feelings and answers that help you understand more about yourself and the things motivating you to either achieve or sabotage your goals.

I hope these gym tips have helped give you insight into what it really takes to achieve your fitness and performance related goals.  As a personal trainer, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in each of these areas, and I guarantee that as you master each of these tips, you’ll succeed in reaching your goal.

Gym Tips for Beginners ACSM Keys to Exercise Video Series: Stretch

Maintaining or improving flexibility is one of the most important gym tips to remember. Unfortunately, flexibility is often last on the list of priorities for individuals interested in health and fitness. Be assured, if you dedicate even a small portion of your day to flexibility, you’ll see an infinite return over time. This ACSM video introduces you to some flexibility basics to help you get started.

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Gym Tips for Beginners ACSM Keys to Exercise Video Series: Strength

Using proper form and technique while strength training is another standout in the long list of gym tips and workout ideas. In this video, ACSM presents a basic strength training overview that will assist you in getting started. As you become familiar with these basic concepts, you’ll notice their effectiveness when applied correctly at the gym. If you have questions, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer.

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Gym Tips for Beginners ACSM Keys to Exercise Video Series: Aerobic

The next three videos from the American College of Sports Medicine offer a some excellent gym tips and simple explanations how to get in shape. The following focuses on the various aspects of aerobic exericse including type, duration, frequency, and intensity.

Aerobic Exercise Types

Aerobic Exercise Intensity

Aerobic Exercise Frequency & Duration

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