The One Habit That’s Killing Us (hint- we ALL do it)

The One Habit That’s Killing Us (hint- we ALL do it)

In his book “Get Up”, Dr. James Levine, obesity researcher and leader at Mayo Clinic makes strong claims about the severity of a common activity that every single one of us does.  Dr Levine feels that the simple act of to much sitting during the day – is killing you.  And to be honest I think he might be right.  With 75% of US health care monies being spent for diabetes, high blood pressure, back pain, obesity, depression, cancer, cardiovascular disease care, many of these chronic, degenerative diseases can be directly linked to sitting.

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Here are some notes from the book:

1. Losing weight is as much about increasing non-exercise activity as it is about eating right and exercising.
2. Going to the gym does not fix sitting all day
3. Sitting at work is the main problem 
4. Currently our public schools systems have very low requirements for physical activity; this is impacting our countries children by increased percentages of obesity and may potentially be indicated in the increase incidence of ADHD.
5. He advises taking a walk after eating to help control blood sugar levels
6. Walk 10,000 steps a day during your work day.  


10,000 steps  equals approximately 2 to 3 miles.   Walking 10,000 steps each day can be accomplished by setting a FitBit to remind you to stand every hour, or installing a walking treadmill desk.  Other ideas include having walking meetings, walking during your breaks, after lunch and before you hop in the car to head home.

I don’t have a treadmill desk OR a stand up desk so instead of that I try to get up and go for a 10 minute walk around the neighborhood if I am working from home OR I hop on the treadmill at the gym before, after or between clients and walk slowly while I finish emails and send messages to clients.
What’s that you say…”easy for you to say, you work in a gym”…true enough but I’m willing to bet that some or even most of you have access to long hallways, stairs and a treadmill or other piece of equipment near or even in your workplace building.  If you don’t have access and your aren’t the boss…ask the boss!  If you are the boss, then find a spot for a moderately priced treadmill that all employees can have access to!  Healthy employees means fewer sick days and other health care costs for your company.
The main take-away from this book: consistent daily activity is a crucial part of your long term health, well-being and weight control!