72 Year Old is an Inspiration

What would it take for you to eat only fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans every day. Why would anyone want to do it? (Do people really do that?)

What about this…try eating only fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans AND working out for an hour each day, 6 days per week. (Not me, at least not right now…Is chocolate a vegetable or fruit? 🙂 )

Well, after seeing the video of this 72 year old man, I’m thinking about trying it! I found an excellent and inspiring story of a 72 year old, former Mr. America who still strength trains to this day. He looks absolutely amazing!  Check it out and you might feel the urge to start eating like he does as well!

The awesome part about this man is not only how amazing he looks, but the example he is setting for all of us to be healthy and active for life. At 72, he still works out for an hour each day. I’m sure he lives and active life, has strong bones, and gets around really well (he didn’t tell me that personally so don’t quote me!). His quality of life is 100 times better than if he wouldn’t have made the commitment and effort to exercise and healthy eating.