When I first met Bud Gibson, I never thought he would enjoy my style of training. From what I’d seen of him in the gym, he followed a pretty basic, heavy lifting routine with some cardio. I fully expected him to purchase a few sessions and go along on his way. It was really quite flattering to have him make a rather long term commitment to training with me and we’ve developed quite the friendship because of it.

********* May 2008 10/28/2008
Age 47 47
Body Weight 189 178
Body Fat +/- 19% 15.2

It’s been a lot of fun, and I think Bud has been able to achieve more than he expected through our working together. I’ll let him tell it….

I’m 48 and basically took the decade of my thirties off from the gym.

In 2000 at age 40, I had to have emergency abdominal surgery to fix what was basically the result of that bad living. So, I got religion, hit the gym, and lost 70 lbs. However, I’m not sure I ever hit on a fully sustainable diet regimen.

I began working with Jes Reynolds in late April 2008. In spite of remaining avid about the gym, I had gotten into a kind of rut with a heavy weight training workout I had been doing with a friend. I saw how Jes was mixing balance and conditioning in with what seemed to be pretty challenging weight training workouts. I had heard you lose balance as you push into your forties and what she was doing seemed like it might fit the bill. Plus, it seemed challenging and fun.

So, I decided to give Jes a spin.

I’ll never forget my first workout with Jes. She took me to the limit. I thought I might do a few workouts with her, learn a couple of tricks, and move on. That workout convinced me to buy an initial package of ten sessions, and I’ve continued with her on at least a weekly basis since.

Here are some of the benefits I’ve found of working with Jes:

    * Jes produces tangible results:

  • I lost 10 lbs. and have hit some kind of optimal range according to the charts.
  • I can now do push-ups with my feet balancing on one medicine ball and my hands on another. When I started, I could not even hold steady in the “plank” position with only my feet on a medicine ball and my hands on the floor.
  • I can now run for a mile at 9 MPH. In the summer, I was able to run at 9 MPH for 40 second intervals only. Now, I’m doing those intervals at 11 MPH.
  • The workouts are really fun, but be prepared for a challenge. Jes has a way of gaging how hard people can go and then doing every thing she can to get them there. She’s constantly inventing fun new challenges for her clients.
  • Jes knows a lot about nutrition. I credit her with finally providing me a sustainable nutrition plan. She bases her approach on some great practical guides by her mentor Chris Johnson (http://ontargetliving.com). I highly recommend Jes’ method.
  • Jes has the best knowledge of sports anatomy and movement of any trainer I have known, and I’ve known more than a couple.
  • Jes connects you with other like minded people who are fun to share gym experiences with. That’s sort of a hidden benefit and seems to emerge after you’ve worked with her for a while.

I highly recommend Jes. If you are looking for a highly knowledgeable trainer who will constantly invent fun challenges for you and help you achieve your goals, Jes is your choice.

Bud Gibson
web: http://michiganinnovators.org