Written by Heidi Heiss

1. If you have a habit of  looking down during an exercise, Jes will continually (and sarcastically) ask you what your looking at until you break the habit.

2. TIP: If Jes says she has a fun workout for you…be very afraid and make up an excuse to cancel if possible (hehe)

3.  TIP: Its best if you just listen to all her advise and do it, because to be honest she is right most of the time and will be truly proud of you

4.  Once she asked me to do an exercise on the bosu ball.  After she described the set, I looked at the floor, zoned out, and walked around the bosu twice in a circle.  As I was walking around it, Jes says to me…”walking around that bosu in a circle isn’t going to make it disapear”

5.  TIP: I wouldn’t look, glance, or even wonder about the time during a session, because if you do, Jes will catch you and say (in a loud commanding voice):  Did you just look at the clock?

6.  One day I wore sweats and a huge mens t-shirt to workout.. Jessica:  “Are you trying to look like a boy?”

7.  Jessica: “Oh, now we are going to do this exercise your horrible at!”

8.  TIP: In the Jes language the word ‘good’ does not mean you are done with your set or have one rep left  (I’m pretty sure I have no idea what it means actually but she says it a lot)

9. TIP: you will always have 5 more of what ever you are doing left

10.  TIP: if she asks you if the weight is to easy or light, your best bet is to stay silent don’t say or do anything