The most effective form of golf fitness includes both physically preparation in the gym and and practicing the various movements that are part of the swing so you can train your nervous system and muscles to execute the proper motion when playing. This is a drill Sandy Wagner showed us during practice club to help us get feeling and control over where the right arm is during the swing. This can also be repeated the exact same way using the left arm.  It’s a helpful drill for indoor practice at home or at the range when you’re hitting a bucket!  Enjoy!

Step 1: Take a club and set up as you normally would, release left arm and grasp right elbow. Step 2: Begin take away as you normally would while keeping left arm braced against the right. Step 3: When you reach full back swing take notice of where your arm is in space.


Step 4: Start downswing normally and notice the angle of the club at impact. Step 5: Continue your follow through to the finish point of the swing. Step 6: Take notice of your body and arm position at the finish point.

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