I’ve been getting some very positive feedback about golf fitness class and though you might like to see how one of my students benefitted from just a few classes.   Over the last few years of teaching golf fitness, I’ve learned a lot…but one thing I’ve learned more than all the others is that there is some confusion out there as to whether golf specific fitness actually makes a difference to the average golfer.

I thought I’d share this email I received from my client Done who took part in my Golf Fitness class.  After just a few classes our schedules fell apart but Don was already working out regularly on his own so he implemented the exercises he had learned into his routine.  Here is what Don had to say:

Name: Don McGee
Age: 51
Years working out: 36
Years playing golf: 25


Why did you decide to take Jes’s golf fitness class?
I’m getting older and less flexible and I know that is why I was loosing distance,so I went to Jes for help in her golf fitness class.


What type of things did you learn in class?
Exercises that helped me with my hip turn and flexibility.  Jes showed me some things that helped me improve my lateral stability and increase my ability to turn on an axis point without losing posture.


What type of result did you get from using the exercises in class on a regular basis?
I am happy to say that I am now hitting the ball 20 to 25 yards longer with every club!!  Thanks to Jes!

As you can see, Don can already jump pretty high…lol!

It’s these type of emails that motivate me to keep giving presentations and putting out content that can help people improve their swing.  If you want to hear more about how fitness has improved my clients games, check out Doug’s testimonial…he is a great cheerleader for me!

Would you like to sign up for golf fitness class or set up a TPI screen?  Email me at jesreynoldsfitness@gmail.com to see if any of our times work with your schedule!  
Not in the local Ann Arbor area?  Check out the Get Golf Fit Video Subscription and The Golf Fitness Fundamentals manual to get started working on your own!

Even if you aren’t ready yet…stay with me for these motivating updates!  We are just getting started!!!!

Remember, your body is YOUR MOST IMPORTANT piece of equipment!  Have a great day!  Jes