As I’ve said before, functional training, balance & stability are a crucial to my fitness routine.  Utilizing various exercises that require balance, stability, and core strength are how I keep my workouts fun & challenging.  Setting mini-goals such as standing on the stability ball and the 2 ball push-up allow me to continually change what I do throughout the year while consistently working toward my broader fitness goals.

In this post, I plan to discuss both my technique and motivation for doing the 2 ball push-up.  Over the course of two more posts, I’ll discuss it further by showing how I took a client from being unable to hold a basic plank for an extended period of time all the way to achieving the two ball push-up.

When it comes to the two ball push-up, I love the demand it places upon not only my physical abilities, but also my mental concentration & focus.  Mastering this exercise and incorporating it into specific workouts has allowed me to push myself further both mentally and physically. 

What does it take to do the 2 ball push-up?

While this task seems difficult at first, all it takes to complete it is the knowledge of how to do it and the discipline to practice doing it.  You can easily develop all the skills necessary to perform this task if you use the right workout regimen.  If adding the two ball push-up to your workout routine is one of your fitness goals you should focus daily on the following:

  • Upper body strength
  • Core Strength
  • Balance & Stability

Why would anyone want to do the 2 ball push-up?
Learning this exercise and the elements required to perform it is challenging and fun.  And while mastering this movement isn’t critical for an effective weight loss plan or a body building routine, one derives an undeniable element of personal satisfaction once able to do it.

As I said previously, the 2 ball push-up can be considered a mini-goal you could set, one that would fit in with your broader fitness goals.  The two ball push-up could be used in the following ways:

  • Fitness mini-goal
  • Chest Super-Set Challenge
  • Core Strength Training
  • Total Body Workouts

What would it take for YOU to master the 2 ball push-up?

Basic Push-up
:  First and foremost, you must be able to perform a body weight push-up with proper form, control, and range of motion.  Practicing a push-up with the appropriate form will allow you to have the necessary strength and control needed to perform the ball push-up correctly.  I recommend being able to perform at least 10 perfect push-ups before attempting the 2 ball push-up.

Basic Plank:  You must also be capable of holding a basic plank before attempting the two ball push-up.  You can find instructions on how to perform this basic core strength training exercise here.

2 Ball Plank:  The two ball plank is a milestone you can work towards on your way to doing the two ball pushup.  It’s obvious that the 2 ball plank is a necessary precursor to the two ball push-up, but this exercise alone could also be considered a mini-fitness goal.  I would consider it to be on the difficult side for most individuals.  Practice the two ball plank first and once you can hold it for approximately 60 seconds is when I would attempt performing the two ball pushup.