So I thought it would be both fun and funny to include some motivational music for your entertainment. While this isn’t a song I would choose for my Ipod, I thought it was a cute way to make my point. Ah ha ha ha my stupid humor at least makes me laugh, as I’m listening to this song I’m cracking up. I hope I got at least a smile out of you. Now onto my point.

Fitness results don’t come in a bottle, box, or on a late night infomercial. It’s a way of life, the result of definite and specific actions that are proven to produce results. People who have long term results practice certain habits (of thought and action) that produce a lean, healthy body, it’s that simple. In the same respect, mindless eating, inactivity, and packed schedules that leave no time for fitness is also a way of life, the result of your own choices & habits.

No matter what your living, whether your lean or overweight, you should think of it as a long term effect (or result). Instead of being depressed or disappointed with your results, recognize that every effect has a cause and you are capable of changing the cause!  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Often times people get so frustrated by their lack of results that they choose a quick fix answer in the form of pills and supplements.  These products offer a visible result that appears to be a viable solution but unfortunately they act like a patch or band-aid, covering up unchanged bad lifestyle habits.  Instead of treating the effects by taking pills, supplements, or considering surgery, choose to treat the cause.

The fact that you haven’t found the true cause may be why you’re so discouraged right now.

How do you find the cause? I feel the source of most peoples struggle with body fat is in their self-image and self-esteem. If you feel that you are fat, ugly, or overweight, if that is your identity, if all you talk about is why you don’t have results and why you’re fat, you’ll have a lifestyle that lines up with that picture. Inactivity, poor nutrition, and lack of motivation are all products of the negative self-image you hold deep inside your mind and it basically makes you feel like total crap. This is often the true cause of many peoples weight control struggles.

It doesn’t matter what product or procedure you use, they only treat the effects (too much body fat, not enough exercise, bad nutrition, no motivation).

Lifelong health, fitness or the perfect body weight do not come from a bottle, in a box, or through surgery. To get your fitness results, to live healthy, be lean, and be filled with energy, you must identify the cause of your struggle, which usually starts with your own psyche, and work from the inside-out (not the outside-in). When you begin to work from the inside (the cause), you’ll notice improved motivation, better nutrition, and living an active lifestyle will finally last for good.