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If you’ve worked with me personally or have been following me for any length of time, you know that I believe that no one should go through life without cookies, cake and brownies.  Of course, I’m not saying head on over to your nearest drive-thru and binge ~ you’ve also heard me talk about successful, long-term results requiring balance! 😉 And even though it’s ok to have sweet treats, they are the exception not the rule.  


That being said…I wanted to share one of the recipes I use that is very easy to make and is great balance between carbs and protein.  Sometimes when I give out this recipe, I get the funniest reaction from clients…one of those faces that is a mix between confusion and the anticipation of something distasteful…but once they try this they all have loved it!  I often have this for breakfast and when I do, I find that it reduces my sweet cravings during the day, especially when I follow up with well balanced meals and snacks later on.  So without further delay, here’s the recipe I’ve been wanting you to see:


Power Pancake
Cooking utensils needed:  blender & small skillet


Ingredients: FAT(g) CHO(g) PRO(g) CALS
4 med Egg whites 0.4 0.8 14.4 64.4
 1/3 cup Old fashioned oats 2    17.82 3.30 102.3
 1/2 med Organic Banana 0.99 8.91 1.65 51.15
1 tsp Cinnamon 0 2.1 0.1 8.8
Totals 3.4 29.6 19.5 226.7
Total Per Serving (1) 3.4 29.6 19.5 226.7
                     -Agave syrup (light)
                     -Butter (small amount)


Use a small amount of the coconut oil or Pam to grease the a small skillet.  Add all ingredients to blender and mix on high until ingredients are blended together and smooth(ish). With skillet over medium heat, pour mixture into skillet and cook one side until brown, flip like a pancake and repeat. Remove from heat and serve, putting a small amount of butter and agave syrup on if you choose.  


Reminder – while this recipe is really well balanced, too much agave and butter will add both carbs and fat the the overall count of the pancake.  Remember to keep it in balance with your ideal cals for that meal and the amount of each macro you’ve already eaten that day.  Not only is this a great recipe a great choice for breakfast, it is also a perfect post-workout meal.  The balance between macro’s is great for replenish depleted glycogen stores and delivers enough protein to facilitate protein synthesis after a strength training session.