It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, when you are on the road it can be difficult to find a workout facility that allows you to maintain your fitness routine.  Either the hotel fitness center is being fumigated with chlorine gas from the pool, it’s in total disrepair with only one working exercise bike (the kind with the moving arms and a fan for a wheel) or the room is being used to store overflow tables and chairs from the banquet facility.

With the holidays around the corner and traveling at it’s peak, I thought it would be helpful to suggest a few workout plans that required minimal equipment.  That way no matter where you are, if you have enough space and just a few pieces of equipment you’ll still be able to have a good workout.

Legs/Chest/Shoulder Workout
For this workout, you’ll need a fairly large space for the warm up as the lateral x3 is meant for you to move down and back laterally across about 15 yards or more at a brisk pace.  You will also need 2 sets of dumbbells at two different weights, one for shoulder press and one for lateral raises.

Equipment Needed:

  • Box, Step or Bench
  • 2 Sets of Dumbbells, 2 different weights
  • Jump rope

lateral/shuffle 3 x down and back
jump rope 2 minutes
burpee/squat thrust 10 x

Set 1
Single leg squat with dormant leg supported by bench 20 reps
Box Jumps 20 reps
Step up/Shoulder Press

The single leg squat is demonstrated in the slide show below.  When performed correctly, you perform a movement similar to a squat while supporting most of your body weight on the leg in front.  When performing box jumps be sure to choose a box height that is reasonable for you.  As fatigue sets in make sure you stay focused as people can often trip towards the end of sets.  The step-up/shoulder press is a combination movement that I plan to demonstrate in a later post.  Basic instructions include stepping onto a box with one leg while performing a shoulder press at the same time.

Set 2
Lateral Raise 10 reps
Incline Pushup on box 15 reps
Decline Pushup on box 15 reps

The lateral raise is a straightforward shoulder exercise.  When performing box push ups, place feet on the box for the incline version and hands on the box for the decline version.

If you don’t have access to the space necessary or the exact weights needed, you can perform more reps with lighter weight, or adjust the lateral movement to jogging in place, running on a treadmill, or riding an exercise bike.  Whatever you have access to will work.  If you don’t have access to a box, you can use the first step in a staircase or a sturdy chair.  You will get the most benefit out of the workout by knowing what you need as substitutions ahead of time and having it all set up before you get started.  This way you can keep your intensity fairly high throughout the entire routine.

I often recommend this type of workout for my clients who travel and they find that having a plan allows them to stay on track even while on business trips or holiday vacations.  In my next post, I will show you a workout for legs/ back/ and bi’s and will include demonstrations of more exercises as well.