Carrie Widder Marketing Expert & Newlywed

I have always worked out with trainers no matter what city I lived in, and a few months after moving to Ann Arbor, I started working out with Jes 2 times a week. Not long after I started working with her, I also got engaged, which made those 2 hours a week that we spent together even more crucial as I wanted to look and feel the best I could on my wedding day!

With Jes’ support and awesome training routines, I was the smallest and strongest I had ever been in my adult life when I got married. And although the wedding is long over, I continue to work out with Jes twice a week, where she helps me create new goals regarding diet and exercise. After almost two years together, I would say that Jes Reynolds has helped reshape (no pun intended) my thinking regarding my body and weight for the better. With her support, I’ve started running again more regularly, tried spinning for the first time, created my own routines in the gym, and have developed a way healthier attitude about how and what to eat (Pizza is good. 13 slices of pizza at once is bad.).

Jes is an amazing trainer and someone I am lucky to call a friend. I can’t thank her enough for how much she has helped me grow (emotionally) and shrink (physically) while I have lived in Ann Arbor.