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It’s time for a major shout-out to my pal Jes Reynolds. I’ll try not to sound overdramatic about how important Jes is to me as a trainer and friend, but it will be hard.  I can’t overstate the impact Jes has had on my physical fitness and (because they’re closely linked) my emotional well-being.  I know that her other clients will know exactly what I mean when I talk about how fantastic Jes is at what she does and how helpful she is to everyone she trains, from the beginner to the elite athlete.

By motivating me to try hard, use proper form at all times (which few trainers really do), and to be consistent, Jes has helped me attain the fitness level of someone much younger. I’m 52, a former college sprinter and active athlete. I’ve worked with a number of personal trainers over the years – in Ann Arbor, Chicago, Washington, DC and New York. Jes is far and away the best. First, her combined professional/personal approach to training gives you absolute confidence that you are doing the best things possible to feel good, accomplish your goals and protect yourself from injury. Second, you know she cares about you. Third, she practices essentially perfect form herself and demonstrates everything so clearly that you always know exactly what to do. Fourth, she tunes in to how you feel and what you need on a given day and conducts the training session accordingly.

Sessions with Jes are seriously fun. She regularly changes up our routines to make every workout fresh and interesting.

The different things Jes has me do reflects the fact that she is not “just” a trainer, but a serious student of physical fitness, human anatomy and the way in which the body and mind work together.

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One thing I didn’t expect was how much Jes’s training technique would improve my posture. The focus on form, control and core strength has changed the way my body functions and how I carry myself. My body feels more naturally in control and solid from head to toe.  It’s fantastic.

Jes is creative, but also bases everything she does on the most up-to-date science. I happen to be a public health professional, and appreciate how critically important this is.

Jes’s training sessions are appropriate. Jes works with different kinds of clients, and I’ve seen how she motivates each person in ways that work best for the individual. A beginner obviously has very different needs and desires than a former college athlete. Someone who is managing a weight problem or physical challenges has different requirements – including motivational requirements – from, say, a competitive runner, and Jes trains and motivates that person correctly. By the same token, if you’re an accomplished athlete who wants to improve your competitive performance while limiting injury, she will help you tremendously in targeting your ambitions.

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She’ll push you in the right ways, help you attain a level of accomplishment you may not have known you had in you, and will probably even help you look better.

Jes is also simply one of the nicest people I know. She’s thoughtful, generous and personable.

One thing’s for sure.  While she is busy kicking your butt (and helping you feel good about kicking your own butt), Jes will never lose that smile that tells you you’re doing well and can and will do even better.