Before I started training with Jes Reynolds I was mesmerized watching her train her clients at the gym. Her training style was unlike anything I’ve ever seen and I was pretty impressed with the results that they were getting. I was compelled to make an appointment and see her right away.

When I first trained with her, I thought I was in great shape but only needed a little help in some areas. I remember thinking: “my body would be perfect if only I would lose my belly fat” or “If build up and even out my pecs, I would be incredible!”… Boy was I wrong! Even though I have trained with weights for a number of years, I was disappointed with my results. Jessica made me realize how physically out of shape I really was. He workouts are intense and movements vary greatly all while keeping your heart rate up. Within a short few months I developed a strong core, my endurance skyrocketed and I became leaner and more powerful. She taught me that true fitness is not what you look like, although with her I look and feel better that ever; but more importantly it’s about what you can do and how you feel inside.

Jessica has an intuitive, quiet yet intense nature about her. She will study you while she strategizes in her mind what combination moves and techniques will bring out the athlete in you. Her approach is more of a thorough and balanced one, where she focuses on your physical capacities rather than on just one or two specific things. That’s what I love that about her! Before Jes I never ran because I never pictured myself as a runner or athlete. Now I can run, sprint, jump you name it! As our training sessions progressed, I became aware of my body so I was able to dominate it. I can honestly say that I’m in the best shape of my life.

What she brings to the table is more than just physical improvement but more importantly, she helps you change how you see yourself. That alone is worth its weight in gold. To sum it up I think Jessica is part personal trainer, part psychologist, part physical therapist and part life coach with a touch of ninja (haha). That’s a winning combination that will bring results.

If you ever thought about getting a personal trainer, stop thinking about it and run don’t walk to set up an appointment with Jes Reynolds. If you’re currently seeing a trainer and are not happy with the results you’re getting, drop them and go with Jessica. You’ll be glad you did.

Dan Rodriguez
Ann Arbor, MI
Age 39