Doug Larson
I had been active in baseball and basketball from childhood until my late 30’s and have been a golfer my entire life (starting when I was a teenager), so physical fitness was always an unstated goal/strategy of my life. I began strength training about 20 years ago when my employer provided a free membership at a local health club. However, I never thought of a personal trainer until one Christmas I decided to give my wife an introductory three-session personal training package with Jes as a gift…which she loved and has continued since. The following Christmas she gave me the same gift which I also loved and have continued since.

I have never been goal oriented (I have trajectories) so when Jes asked me what my goals were, all I could think of was a phrase that Lestor Holt of the “Today” show used to describe a man as “a chiseled piece of man candy”. 🙂 Fortunately, Jes’s ability to assess her client’s personal training needs quickly resulted in goals popping up like popcorn. For example, I was never big on stretching, so increasing my range of motion was an immediate goal. Also, when I found out that Jes has a focused interest in golf fitness training, the goal of eliminating a bad golf swing habit took center stage. Below is an example of an implementation of a goal with Jes.

“The Exercise”

Friday, 1:00-2:45 pm: I went to the driving range to tune up prior to the start of the golf league on Tuesday. Did terribly. Decided to go to Chicago and do more work on our house preparation for the upcoming Real Estate listing rather than golfing on Tuesday.

Friday, 3:30-4:30 pm: Had my weekly Personal Training session with Jes. She showed me a golf swing exercise.

Saturday, 2:30-3:30 pm: I practiced “the exercise” in our living room with the concern of my wife about possible breakage. Went out and hit ½ dozen practice balls on the front lawn ( pitching wedge, 7-iron, 3-wood) using “the exercise” between hits. Jaw dropping results.

Sunday 2:00-3:00 pm: Went to the driving range already having decided to go to Chicago to work on the house rather than the start of the golf league on Tuesday.No pressure. Hit two small buckets of balls periodically using “the exercise”. Only ½ dozen reversions to my old bad habit, the rest of the shots were definitely PGAesque (high, straight, far).

Monday 3:15-4:15 pm
: Went to the health club for a workout before leaving for Chicago. I saw Jes talking to someone. I came up behind her and waited for her to finish. When she turned around I gave her a bear hug and described the above. We shared at least two “high 5’s” and I saw my joy reflected in her smile. Will “the exercise” result in lower golf scores? I have no doubts! However, regardless, the joy of breaking a bad habit in golf, as in life, is its own empowering reward.

Note: I intentionally didn’t try to describe “the exercise” because it will be different for each person depending on your needs. Jes accesses your situation and selects “the exercises” you need whether for a bad golf swing habit or to increase your range of motion. She then demonstrates the proper form and continually monitors that you are doing it properly to prevent any injury and achieve the targeted results.

Thanks Jes.

Doug Larson