I like to know what I’m doing and why. I also want to see tangible results and to get a sense that I’m being trained to do things well on my own. This made Jess the perfect match. She has put me through intense workouts, helped me gain confidence so that when I walk into a gym, I know what I want to do with myself, how to do it safely, and how to get results.

Jess talks to me about what else is happening in my life and my travel schedule so that I can craft reasonable ways to maintain a fitness regimen even when the circumstances are not conducive to doing so. She knows how to distract me from the pain of getting through the last set, how to exhaust me beyond belief, but how to keep me looking forward to our next session. She changes up the workouts so that I never feel myself falling into a rut and she helps me stay on the sunny side of life.

After working out with her for three months, I flew out to San Francisco to visit friends with whom I’d vacation earlier in the year. “What happened to you?” When I told them about Jess, they replied, “You’ll have to keep her. That’s the best thing you’ve done for yourself in a while.” They’re right.

–Fred Wherry, 38 years old