When I began training with Jes, I didn’t expect to work with someone who had tremendous patience and determination to get through to me and teach me not only about fitness, but also about life.

Henry David Thoreau “s profound mantra,  “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!  Live the life you’ve imagined. “  so aptly describes my training time spent with Jessica Reynolds.  Not only did training sessions with Jes help me to achieve both mentally and physically my personal goals, she has also inspired me for a life-long road of a healthy, balanced working out as well as helping me to perform better than I could ever have anticipated!

Personal training on a regular basis with Jes’ broke down my personal barriers in both the physical and mental realm. Not only did I feel really cared about as an individual, my performance become much better and I ran faster than I could ever imagined!  I effectively learned to workout on my own with proper form and technique, I gained an understanding of how to create an intense workout for myself and isolate target muscle groups, and I realized the steps I needed to take to reach my individual goals.

A typical work out session with Jes includes:

a.)     A ten minute warm-up.  Warm-up included emphasis on teaching cardio principles, healthy lifestyle coaching, and getting joints and muscles ready for further conditioning and strength training

b.)     The remainder of the session usually entails a work out beyond belief!  She had the expertise and the ability to focus on certain muscles; legs or chest or whatever area that day to created a well balanced fitness routine tailored to my individual goals and abilities.

c.)      Sessions always include a strong emphasis on both my form and posture.

Finally, I must make mention of the fact that Jes Reynolds not only guided me to a greater understanding of general fitness principles, improved cardiovascular health, and leading a balanced healthy lifestyle, but she will always remain in my mind and my heart a life-long and most trusted mentor! I feel very honored and blessed to have had the good fortune to train with Jes.  She is a true artist of her trade!

Sincerely,  Heidi M. Heiss