I did Jes Reynolds 10-Day Nutrition Reset and loved the results.  It was a struggle and I was not perfect in following the reset 100%, however, I came through the 10 days feeling really good, having lots of energy, and losing about 7 lbs.  

My goal in doing the 10-Day Nutrition Reset was not to lose weight; however, that was a welcomed side effect.  I enjoy being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, however, my father passed away in August and since then, about 5 months, I had not been taking care of myself.  I was drinking too often, eating terribly, and not making exercise a priority.  I need a healthy diet and exercise to be part of my daily life in order to feel balanced and to have a clear mind and positive attitude.  I was feeling foggy every day and was not my normal optimistic self.  I needed something to help push me back towards being healthy and Jes Reynolds 10-day reset seemed like the perfect thing.  I felt like I could do anything for 10 days.  

I strongly suggest anyone who is going to do the reset reads through the entire program and gives yourself a few days to think about the commitment and also purchase the food items you will need.  I made the mistake of not reading through the entire thing.  I purchased what was needed for the first 2 days and started without completely reading what the plan was for the next 10 days.  

The first day was great.  I drank my smoothies and my husband made me the butternut squash soup per the recipe provided.  I tried to eat it, however, I do not like spice and the curry in the butternut squash soup was WAY too much for me.  I ended up making a second batch using no curry and combining the two.  Then I had no problem eating it.  On the second day, I woke up feeling hungry.  I had my smoothies and fresh raw vegetables; however, at lunch time I ate 2 of my kid’s gluten & dairy free chicken nuggets.  I didn’t need them and they certainly didn’t satisfy any craving or dietary need, but I wanted to eat something resembling unhealthy since I was addicted to eating garbage food.  Day 2 was the sweet potato soup and it was amazing.  On day three I woke up feeling great.  Had lots of energy, but still wanted to eat junk.  I pushed through and resisted the urge.  It was amazing to me that after 3 days of the reset I was already feeling so energized and positive.  I will not lie, I was looking forward to eating something other than raw veggies on day four, but I was feeling great.

Days 4 thru 7 were fantastic.  I meal prepped so I had 2 solid meals a day, plus the smoothies, raw veggies and some fruit.  On day 8, I had a date night planned with my husband. I did really well and ate healthy all day, however, at dinner I had fajitas with cheese (I did eat them with corn tortillas so no gluten) and I had 3 glasses of red wine.  I woke up the next day feeling angry at myself.  I proceeded on my normal path of eating bad because I was feeling bad, however, decided I was not going to throw away my week of hard work and dedication.  Day 10 I mimicked the first three days and had all pureed foods and then finished Days 11 and 12 eating per the plan.  

I know this is a long review, but I wanted everyone to know that I was not perfect in following the reset.  I had some hiccups and bumps in the road, but pushed though and continued to rededicate myself to the plan.  In the end, I felt great, had tons of energy, and lost 7 lbs.  This is a fantastic tool to reset your nutrition health.  It is not a cure all; you definitely can’t do this then go back to eating pizza and burgers every day and expect to keep your energy levels up and the weight off.  You have to use Jes Reynolds’ 10-day Nutrition Reset as a starting point to make life long changes in the way you chose to fuel your body.  You need all the vitamins and nutrients from vegetables, fruit, and lean protein to help your body to live ultimately and this reset will put you on the right path to get there.  I plan on doing the reset again in a month or so and following it 100%.  Today, I’m using the things I learned and am making much better food choices for myself and my family every day.