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My name is Karen Godwin, I’m over 40 and I’ve been training with Jes for 3 years. I had been preparing for my black belt in Tang Soo Do when I was sidelined due to a foot injury. I wanted to maintain my conditioning, add strength training and work on flexibility in a different setting to keep my fitness level high, so I signed up with Jes after getting referrals from two of my friends.

I’ve continued to train with Jes over the years because Jes motivates, pushes, entertains, inspires and teaches me – always helping me see that I can achieve my goals. I consider her a partner in optimizing my health and an amazing coach. In fact, she recently helped me ramp up and conquer my 2nd degree black belt test and earn Grand Champion in a Pan-American tournament. Without her partnership, I would not have achieved this!

Jes is different from other trainers I’ve worked with, many of whom seem to use a “workout in a box” without true needs-based personal customization. However, Jes takes a unique approach to designing a workout for me, she’s taken the time to really get to know what makes me tick, what physical challenges are unique to me and always varies our program to constantly push me forward. No workout is the same and I love it. While I HATE the rower, she pushes me to use it and I keep beating my own best times each week. She’s also super fun to talk to….we laugh a lot!

I don’t measure my results in numbers. But I can honestly say that she’s been a core part of my team for achieving amazing health and excellence in Tang Soo Do. I am the fittest I have ever been! Perhaps the most amazing result is that I am constantly surprising myself with what I am capable of doing….and she is the support and encouragement that helps me get there.

I’m a huge fan! Vote for Jes!