I came to Jes to help me deal with advancing arthritis in my hip. When I started with her, I was barely able to climb stairs, I had completely given up running and was struggling even with non-contact aerobic workouts.

I discovered that Jes is incredibly knowledgeable about muscle groups and biomechanics. She has systematically built up the muscles that support my hip and helped me deal with secondary issues resulting from my arthritis like posture and
gait. She designed an exercise and stretching program for me that has made a world of difference in my life so that I now have no hesitation using stairs and I am even starting to jog again!

Jes is outstanding to work with. During workouts, Jes is unfailingly positive and enthusiastic. She has a great sense of how hard to push and what goals to set. She offers advice on diet, on how to stay fit during business travel and she has been flexible on times to meet given my very busy schedule.

I would recommend Jes to anyone. Jes rocks!

(THANKS PHIL…YOU WILL BE MISSED, Good luck in your new endeavors at Dartmouth!)