Rich-newlogoWhen I turned 50, I declared I wanted to be in better shape at 60 than I was at 50. For five years, I kept saying this, but of course, nothing changed, as it was all just talk. I was just too busy, didn’t know how to start, wasn’t able to keep my weak attempts at an actual regimen on track. No attempt I made ever actually fit into my life. One day, I met with a friend and shared my “by age 60 plan” and my lament at my inability to make any progress.

He gave me a name … Jes Reynolds. Said she worked with busy execs, and actually made it work. I met Jes and we started the next week. Within eight months, I had lost nearly 40 lbs, and was in better shape at 55 than I was at 40, maybe even 30. My doctor took me off the only two meds I was on, saying I didn’t need them anymore as my blood work was now stellar.

I began running. I never ran before. I told Jes, I thought I could do a 5K. She agreed. We worked toward that goal. I did one in October, another in November and one more in December! I can’t wait for spring to be outside running again.

Jes is awesome. She is an excellent combination of accountability partner, patient encourager, and cheerleader for each little goaI we have set and achieved. I just feel better, both mentally and physically.

If you think you don’t have time, or you just can’t do it … think again. Then call Jes.

Rich Sheridan
CEO, Chief Storyteller of Menlo Innovations