Name: Shree K.
Date: 2/10/10
Occupation: Physician

1.  How much time, sessions, weeks or months, have you spent training with Jes?

I have worked with Jes for 1 ½ years

2.  How did you meet her or what led you to start training with her?

I began training with Jes because I saw how engaged she was with her clients. She watched every set, made sure everyone was doing each repetition correctly. She was a trainer that was much more athletically oriented with her training incorporating both endurance cardio with core and strength training.

3.  What have you learned from working with Jes and what goals have you reached as a result of training with her.

Jes is a very motivating person to work with. On both endurance and strength training she’ll work slightly below your limit threshold, which enables you to make very big progressions forward.  For Jes, work-outs are about changing your mind set so that you’re fit while having fun.  She continues to change work-outs and mixes your ideas about what you would like with her own for a sensible balance.  She also gives subtle reminders regarding working on your own as well as a balanced diet which she will continue to be engaged with. She gives pointers on how to change some of your vices that prevent you from reaching specific goals without being overbearing or pushy.

When I began training with Jes, I had an initial goal of reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle. In 9 weeks, I decreased my body fat by 15% going from 12.7% body fat to 11.0%. I increased my lean body mass by 5 lbs.

Without knowing it or trying to achieve an endurance goal, I went from running a mile in about 8 minutes to running a 5min 15 second mile. I was quite amazed, because at 37 years old, you don’t expect your body to respond that well.

One thing that I think separates her from other trainers is that she knows how to train many different ways. If you’re having difficulty with flexibility, she’ll work with you to stretch you where you’re having difficulty. If you want to work on plyometrics and foot speed, she’ll create different work-out plans and implement them for you. She’ll even make it fun with the work-out and her high energy music from her ipod in the aerobics room.  If you just want to work heavily on one muscle group for a few weeks, she’ll create a plan for you. If you need more ab and core training, she’ll implement it into your strength training routine.

4.  Would you recommend training with Jes to other people and why?

I would recommend training with Jes because she trains many different styles and tailors programs to you. She continues to implement different programs and isolates muscle groups with proper technique all while being completely engaged at all times. You will get results because she is encouraging and cares about your fitness level and goals.