Here's Stacia With Her Puppy

My journey to better fitness started in a kayak off the Na Pali coast of Kuaui.  A 17 mile coastline only accessible from sea or trail, it’s one of the most beautiful in the world, and I wanted to see it.  Never mind, I’ve never step foot in a kayak.  Never mind, I’m not really in great shape.  I was athletic.  I was all-city in volleyball.  How hard could paddling a boat be!!  Well about a mile into our 17-mile journey, our guides announced that this was our last chance to turn back.  I was like OH #$$#!!!  No stinking way can I raise my hand, but how in the hell am I ever going to go 16 more miles.   I made it, but I was haggard.   And as I looked around at the forty-somethings around me looking tired, but excited, I had a big wake-up call.  My twenty-something butt is way out of shape, and this is not what I want for myself.  Upon my return home, I made my first appointment with Jessica.

The reason I share that story is to illustrate what Jessica faced in her client (little fitness/big goals).  When I started, I had a hard time walking uphill on a treadmill.  Jessica even shared with me six months into training that she was worried about me (ie. my lack of fitness) that first day.  When she asked me my fitness goals, I said, you know to get lean and to get in shape.  And I wanted those things, but in the back of my mind, I had bigger fitness dreams.   I wanted to run a marathon.  I wanted to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.  I wanted to kayak that damn 17 mile stretch of Na Pali coast and kick it’s ass.  These things seemed impossible.  I can’t run 5 miles let alone 26.  Well, that was a big load of crap!  I can run 5 miles, and have many times now.   I discovered that because one of Jessica’s biggest strengths as a trainer is breaking through your physical walls.   She pushes me harder than I ever thought I could go, and I make progress that I never thought was possible for me.  I’m running my first marathon next December.

What I also really appreciate about Jessica is her creativity.  We use equipment in ways I’d never think to use it, which keeps it fun and interesting, and teaches you to do the same independently.   During these innovative exercises, Jessica keeps a hawks eye on our posture and form, which keeps us all safe, and adds a strange sort of levity as you’re trying to balance on one leg and a ball and she’s ordering you to keep your shoulders down.  Now, she’s pretty damn gun ho, and I like to think so am I, but some days are better than others.   Jess has a way of gauging where I am on a particular day, and pushing me at the highest intensity I can tolerate, which I really appreciate as I rather not vomit in the middle of the gym.   Now, I’m competitive and committed, but I have fallen off the fitness and nutrition wagon over and over again in last year, and Jess was never judgmental.  Every time in her soft-spoken way, she’d encourage me…it happens.  It’s okay.  It takes time to make a lifestyle change.  Lets think of some solutions.   I have the highest esteem for Jess as a trainer.  You can be assured that if you take her on as your trainer, she will employ the latest knowledge in aerobic and anaerobic training and nutrition to help you meet your specific fitness goals.