What do people have to say about Jes Reynolds Fitness:

Jillian Beckley
Stay at Home Mom


I did Jes Reynolds 10-Day Nutrition Reset and loved the results. It was a struggle and I was not perfect in following the reset 100%, however, I came through the 10 days feeling really good, having lots of energy, and losing about 7 lbs.
My goal in doing the 10-Day Nutrition Reset was not to lose weight; however…Read More

Karen Godwin
Manager, Google


My name is Karen Godwin, I’m over 40 and I’ve been training with Jes for 3 years. I had been preparing for my black belt in Tang Soo Do when I was sidelined due to a foot injury. I wanted to maintain my conditioning, add strength training and work on flexibility in a different setting to keep my fitness level high, so I signed up with Jes after getting referrals from two of my friends.

I’ve continued to train with Jes over the years because Jes motivates, pushes, entertains, inspires and teaches me – always helping me see that I can achieve my goals. I consider her a partner in optimizing my health and an amazing coach. In fact, she recently helped me ramp up and conquer my 2nd degree black belt test and earn Grand Champion in a Pan-American tournament. Without her partnership, I would not have achieved this!…Read More

Nick Giardino PhD
Clinical Psychologist


When I started training with Jes four years ago I was in the worst shape in my life and decided that I needed to change course. Now, at age 50, I am in the best shape ever. I run, play soccer and tennis, climb mountains, and can tackle any job around the house or yard without fear of injury. Pretty much anything I want to do, I can now do. I feel physically fit, steady, strong, capable and confident…Read More

Certified Financial Planner -Nelson, Kellmann & Associates

Laura Kelmann
Certified Financial Planner Nelson, Kellmann & Associates


With Jessica’s guidance I have run six half-marathons, completed a 30-mile bike ride, survived a downhill mountain biking experience, hiked in some of the most beautiful places in the U.S., and — most importantly — created a healthy, active lifestyle that allows for endless possibilities…Read More

President CADventures

Doug Larson


“Jes accesses your situation and selects “the exercises” you need whether for a bad golf swing habit or to increase your range of motion. She then demonstrates the proper form and continually monitors that you are doing it properly to prevent any injury and achieve the targeted results.”…Read More

Rich Sheridan CEO and Chief Storyteller Menlo Innovations, Inc

Rich Sheridan
CEO, Chief Storyteller
Menlo Innovations


“I met Jes and we started the next week. Within eight months, I had lost nearly 40 lbs, and was in better shape at 55 than I was at 40, maybe even 30.”…Read More

Sandy Wagner Head Women's Golf Coach Eastern Michigan University

Sandy Wagner
Head Coach EMU
Women’s Golf

“As an athletic 45 year old, fitness has always been an important aspect of my life. I get more out of my workouts when someone else can instruct me and push me to meet my goals! When I met Jes I knew she was the one to help me reach my fitness goals.”…Read more

Carrie Widder Marketing Expert & Newlywed

Carrie Widder
Marketing Campaign Manager, Enlighten

“With Jes’ support and awesome training routines, I was the smallest and strongest I had ever been in my adult life when I got married.”…Read more

Phil Hanlon President Dartmouth College

Phil Hanlon
Dartmouth College

“I discovered that Jes is incredibly knowledgeable about muscle groups and biomechanics. She has systematically built up the muscles that support my hip and helped me deal with secondary issues resulting from my arthritis like posture and gait.”…Read more

Steve Sarns VP Sales and Marketing NuStep, Inc.

Steve Sarns
VP Sales and Marketing
NuStep, Inc.

“Jes is a great listener and will deliver you the workouts you need to help you reach your personal goals. I have recommended Jes to many of my friends of similar age since I know she will help them reach their potential.”…Read more

Julia Berman
 Franchise Development Manager

“A goal I am working on with Jes is understanding my body’s nutritional needs in order to function properly. The focus of nutrition for me has always been focused on weight and calories, but proper nutrition is crucial in order for the body to perform optimally; which includes healing and repairing itself.”…Read More

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Stacia Potempa: Author & Med Surge Nurse-University of Michigan
Cliff Douglas 3: Associate Professor University of Michigan; Director of Policy- American Cancer Society
Shree K: Physician St Joes Hospital
Cliff Douglas 2: Associate Professor University of Michigan; Director of Policy- American Cancer Society
Bud Gibson 2: Professor – Eastern Michigan University
Coleen Okolski: Amateur Triathlete and Figure Skating Coach
Fred Wherry: Professor – University of Michigan
Cliff Douglas 1: Associate Professor University of Michigan; Director of Policy- American Cancer Society
Becca Cheezum: PhD Candidate – U of M School of Public Health
Dan Rodriguez: Business Owner
Skyline Volleyball Coach
Heidi Heiss: BSN Student – University of Michigan
Bud Gibson 1 – Professor – Eastern Michigan University