I suggest a regular flexibility routine or participation in yoga to all my clients but the responses I get aren’t always positive (or compliant).  From what my clients tell me, people don’t make time for yoga or flexibility because they don’t relate it to any sort of benefit.  More about this in future posts, but it’s generally not until after people have experienced multiple injuries or they are over 60 that they begin to acknowledge there is true value in weekly yoga practice or taking even just 10 minutes a few times per week to stretch.

Another thing I hear all the time from clients is that Yoga isn’t really a workout, it doesn’t burn enough calories for weight loss or correlate with common fitness goals such as body fat loss, weight loss, and improved performance.  Simply stated, this idea is false.  As this video demonstrates, becoming proficient, or at least competent in yoga can give you an awesome workout while simultaneously reducing the risk of injury and improving performance potential.

The video is about 2.15 long and the girl is working her butt off.  Take the plunge into changing your ideas about yoga by checking it out.