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Gym Tips & Workout Ideas – Tip # 3: Progessive Resistance Exercise

 In the first two gym tips I discussed, we addressed the first two of three crucial components to health, fitness, or athletic success: mental preparation and nutrition.  Our next tip is focused on the third component, which is exercise.  In order to achieve fitness...
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Sports Performance Training: Box Jumps to One Leg

Part of sports performance training is utilizing a controlled environment to re-create movements performed during sport.  Although not all sports do, most require the athlete to have controlled jumping ability.  That is, the ability to move a certain direction, jump,...
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Outdoor, Treadmill & Incline Running Part 2

PART II: Incline Running on the Treadmill Outdoor hill runs are a fun way to add variety to your workout routine, BUT if you are running indoors on a treadmill, incline running isn’t as fun.  Why do you ask…because it’s not only physically demanding, it’s also...
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Sports Performance Training: Psychological Tactics of Elite Performers

In my previous post on the mental approach to achieving elite goals, I suggested that we can use similar techniques to achieve our personal fitness goals.  In contrast to Mind Gym, which discusses goal achievement through visualization, The NYT article I read...
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Egg White Florentine

If you wait until just before work to prepare this, you’ll be in a time crunch. I would make it on Sunday morning and then save any leftovers for breakfast during the week. Ingredients: 4 Egg Whites 1 Whole Free Range Egg ½ c. Spinach (lightly steamed) ½ c. chopped...
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Healthy Meal Plans: Grilled Chicken & Barley Salad

This salad is meant to be served cold.  I adapted it from a recipe called Greek Chicken and Barley Salad in Cooking Light Magazine.  The adaptations I made aren’t crucial as the original recipe was really good. But of course, I like my version better.  Maybe try...
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Fun Visit with MedSports Golf Fitness Professionals!

Had a great time going through the FMSA screen today with Pat Dyer!  Excited and looking forward to my certification in July!!!! Whoop Whoop!  Stay tuned for more details on golf...
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Back & Core Strengthening Exercises

If you deal with chronic or acute back pain, it can be debilitating.  One minute you are in your normal fitness routine and the next minute you are hunched over or leaning to one side just so you can walk comfortably.  Back pain is very common and it can also be very...
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Sports Performance Training: Learn Proper Running Form

Running is an important component in almost every sport.  Whether it be for training purposes or actual performance, knowing how to run effectively and correctly is key to reducing the risk of injury, achieving maximal performance, and fun!  When I first started...
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A Simple Way to Alleviate Lower Back & Neck Pain

When I answer questions about fitness or even when I am working with clients, it amazes me how often the exercises cause lower back pain. The truth is a good fitness plan, one that includes flexibility, core exercises, strength training and lower back exercises should...
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Strength Training & Injury Prevention

Here’s another excerpt from my weekly column in The Sun Times…enjoy!   While our rural community provides relative safety from severe crime and the tragedies of war, daily living presents a variety of physical challenges that can have significant,...
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Maintaining Fitness Goals During Business Travel

When it comes to business travel, most of my clients have the same challenge.  They’ve spent quite a bit of effort and energy into combining daily fitness habits with their demanding career.  It’s been a stretch, but they can finally meet all their weekly fitness...
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