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Gear up for Golf Season with these Golf Fitness Tips

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***NOTE: This post was originally written in February of 2013***


Recently I gave a brief golf fitness presentation designed to help people learn various fitness practices that would improve their swing and consistency throughout the round.  The presentation was a lot of fun and I think the participants found it to be pretty helpful.  I’ve summarized the points below into 5 easy tips you can implement into your workout routine that will improve your golf game.

A golf presentation was the perfect setting for me to reinforce my obsession with posture!  I even have proof!  The Titleist Performance Institute agrees with me (yep they called and asked :) ) read this:

From TPI: “When viewing your posture at address on video, trace the curve of your spine. If you’re a right-handed player, and you see an S, it’s time to get to work. A C-posture can be the result of having tight pectoral or chest muscles and having weak scapular muscles (i.e. muscles in your upper back between your shoulder blades). An S-posture has those elements and also includes hypertonic (or tight) low back muscles, tight hip flexors, and weak abdominals.”

NOTE: That photo down and to the right is me practicing at the range in 20 degree weather…with my GREAT posture that I learned from working out correctly! ;)

  • Ideal posture is the best way to generate power, speed, and fluidity during any movement, especially a golf swing.
  • Promotes healthy back during the swing, minimizing risk to the low back
  • Joints are used properly when lined up correctly which reduces risk of injury and allows you to have proper swing mechanics
  • Muscles are used properly when lined up correctly which allows you to generate the most power
  • Practicing posture while exercising will help you incorporate it into your golf swing!

Being inflexible can inhibit your swing mechanics and therefore the power & club head speed you are capable of generating.  That’s why including a regular stretching routine can improve your swing.  You’ll be able to rotate more effectively, transfer your body weight from back to front, and finish well.  During the golf swing there are a lot of different muscles used, a basic home stretching routine would include stretches for the:

  • IT Band
  • Hip Flexor
  • Glute
  • Hamstring
  • Groin
  • Quad
  • Lower & Upper Back
  • Chest

Core strength is crucial for generating rotational power, maintaining posture, and transferring lower body strength to the upper body and through the club. Developing core strength can be tricky as sometimes people unknowingly use their lower back muscles instead of their abdominal muscles (deep and surface).  Some basic core exercises you can do are:

  • Crunches
  • Crunches with a twist
  • Crunches on a ball
  • Plank
  • Side Plank
  • Plank with a twist

It seems obvious that overall strength will improve power and club head speed generated during your golf swing.  Focus should be first on developing strength in the large muscle groups such as the glutes, quads, hamstrings, chest, and lats.  Strengthening the forearms will also help you generate power and maintain proper position with the club throughout the swing.

Having cardiovascular endurance is the secret key to consistency throughout the round.  Being in good cardiovascular condition will:

  • Reduce general fatigue that can cause your swing mechanics to degrade
  • Improve mental focus and stamina throughout the round by reducing distractions caused by fatigue
  • Allow you to play more consistently for a greater number of days in a row

If you would like help developing any of these areas and would like to focus specifically on golf or if you are interested in joining a newly forming golf fitness group, send me an email to and we can set something up!

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April 10th, 2014 at 11:17 pm

Fun Visit with MedSports Golf Fitness Professionals!

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Had a great time going through the FMSA screen today with Pat Dyer!  Excited and looking forward to my certification in July!!!! Whoop Whoop!  Stay tuned for more details on golf fitness!


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April 10th, 2014 at 11:08 pm

Amazing mental toughness from Santine!

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I arrived at the gym at 6 am today! Santine was in the midst of her 18 mile treadmill run! She is awesome!!!!

photo 2

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April 4th, 2014 at 5:07 pm

Representing NuStep and Helping those with Spinal Cord Injuries!

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While at Nustep this week I met Tom Hoatlin, he is pictured here on the NuStep with Steve Sarns standing behind him. Tom works out 3 times a week often utilizing the ingenious leg brace attachment on the Nustep which is designed for those who have mobility limitations in their lower body. Tom works for the Christopher Reed foundation as a mentor for those who have experienced spinal cord injuries. Another awesome, motivating individual!

photo 1

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April 4th, 2014 at 4:24 pm

Testimonial – Carrie Widder

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Carrie Widder Marketing Expert & Newlywed

I have always worked out with trainers no matter what city I lived in, and a few months after moving to Ann Arbor, I started working out with Jes 2 times a week. Not long after I started working with her, I also got engaged, which made those 2 hours a week that we spent together even more crucial as I wanted to look and feel the best I could on my wedding day!

With Jes’ support and awesome training routines, I was the smallest and strongest I had ever been in my adult life when I got married. And although the wedding is long over, I continue to work out with Jes twice a week, where she helps me create new goals regarding diet and exercise. After almost two years together, I would say that Jes Reynolds has helped reshape (no pun intended) my thinking regarding my body and weight for the better. With her support, I’ve started running again more regularly, tried spinning for the first time, created my own routines in the gym, and have developed a way healthier attitude about how and what to eat (Pizza is good. 13 slices of pizza at once is bad.).

Jes is an amazing trainer and someone I am lucky to call a friend. I can’t thank her enough for how much she has helped me grow (emotionally) and shrink (physically) while I have lived in Ann Arbor.


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April 1st, 2014 at 8:25 pm

Testimonial – Sandy Wagner

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SandyWagner_HSHi my name is Sandy Wagner and I am the Head Women’s Golf Coach at Eastern Michigan University and a golf instructor at Miles of Golf. I asked Jes Reynolds to speak to my group of lesson students at Miles of Golf and was so impressed with her communication skills and enthusiasm that I asked her to give me some private training sessions.

As an athletic 45 year old, fitness has always been an important aspect of my life. I get more out of my workouts when someone else can instruct me and push me to meet my goals! When I met Jes I knew she was the one to help me reach my fitness goals. She motivates and encourages me every workout we have together. I know I could goto the gym by myself and workout but it is no where near as productive by having Jes yell at me to do one more rep or to do one more circuit because in the end it will be worth it!

Jes and I have been working together for over 6 months now and I have never felt better with my fitness level. She knew just how to help me reach my fitness goals!

Sandy Wagner
Head Women’s Golf Coach
Eastern Michigan University

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March 31st, 2014 at 8:26 pm

Testimonial – Steve Sarns

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Steve - head shot 001I am in the health and fitness business and my company NuStep manufactures recumbent cross trainers that transforms lives everyday. I am 58 years old and know that I need to train virtually every day to maintain the life I enjoy. In addition, I want to be at my best at all stages of life for my business and my family.

Jes Reynolds has been by trainer for the past 3 years and she is awesome. In many ways, I have a love/pain relationship with Jes. She travels to our NuStep gym and she greets me everyday with a smile and leads me to the treadmill or (NuStep) for some- good old, high intensity – interval training. Most times I try to extend the luxury of small talk but Jes will have no part of it. Next thing I know I can’t get any words out as my exercise intensifies.

Jes is a superior athlete and demonstrates the form of the exercises you will be engaged in that are near perfect and inspirational. Jes is a great listener and will deliver you the workouts you need to help you reach your personal goals. I have learned that proper form and posture are critical and that good form is the key to safe and effective workouts.

I have recommended Jes to many of my friends of similar age since I know she will help them reach their potential. -come on guys – you will not regret this decision. Make no mistake that she will push you to your limits-that’s where the pain comes in – yet she makes sure the exercises are safe – she also helped me recover from my episode of Plantar Fasciitis – recommending proper shoes, orthotics, and stretches. Thank you again Jes – That’s were the love comes in. I have had days where I was too tired to hardly think and Jes has put me through some of my best workouts. I love that!, feeling tired going in being totally alive after my workouts.

Going forward, I am excited about my physical health due to Jes’s training, motivation and friendship- we laugh a lot during my workouts. Thank you Jes for helping me transform my life.

Steve Sarns
VP Sales and Marketing
NuStep, Inc.

Written by JesR

March 31st, 2014 at 8:20 pm