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How to Get Fitness Results – Step # 1: Define Your Result

When working with clients who are frustrated they haven’t yet achieved their desired fitness results, one of the most common problems I see is that they are attempting to achieve many goals all at the same time.  Often these goals are in contradiction to one another,...
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This Video Gives Yoga It’s Props

I suggest a regular flexibility routine or participation in yoga to all my clients but the responses I get aren’t always positive (or compliant).  From what my clients tell me, people don’t make time for yoga or flexibility because they don’t relate...
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Getting Your Omega-3’s…Read beyond the label

Recently I’ve been discussing the use of Omega-3 fatty acids with many of my clients.  When I started taking Omega-3’s on a daily basis, I experienced reduced sugar cravings and an overall more moderate appetite for junk food.  I started talking it over...
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Client Snapshot: Ranna K.

Meet my client Ranna! We started working together about 6 weeks ago and I wanted to share the great progress she has made with you. To her dismay I snapped some pictures of Ranna during her “fitness test” today.  She has shown awesome improvement in a...
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Fitness Achievement at Any Age

As a trainer I have the pleasure of watching all types of people achieve their fitness goals. I think sometimes, depending on the challenges that may stand in someones way, they can get discouraged or stop believing that they will make any progress. After a while,...
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Using a Fitness Assessment, Body Fat Testing, and Vo2max to Track Your Fitness Results

In my 10 Fitness Mistakes post, I discuss tracking your progress as an important part of getting fitness results.  A fitness assessment can offer concrete feedback such as body fat percentage, flexibility, muscular strength, and cardiovascular endurance.  Other tests,...
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For Golfers: Managing and Preventing Back Pain

From TPI (Titleist Performance Institute): “Lower back pain is by far the most common ailment suffered by golfers of all ages. Based on data collected at TPI from over 31,000 golfers, 28.1% of all players deal with lower back pain after every round.” Types of Back...
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Lloyd James Teaches You How to Lose 100 Pounds

Learning how to lose 100 pounds isn’t the same as dieting to lose 10 or 20 pounds, it’s actually a very different journey.  Yes weight loss is the common denominator between these two goals but the numerator (10 vs. 100) requires solving these two equations in very...
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Wondering Where You Rank? Consider Doing An M-Healthy Fitness Assessment

Are you someone who works out regularly and wonders how well you rank against others in your age group?  Having a fitness assessment done by a medically based fitness program can show you exactly where you stand and in what areas of fitness you could improve....
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Healthy Meal Plans: Grilled Chicken & Barley Salad

This salad is meant to be served cold.  I adapted it from a recipe called Greek Chicken and Barley Salad in Cooking Light Magazine.  The adaptations I made aren’t crucial as the original recipe was really good. But of course, I like my version better.  Maybe try...
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Get the Skinny on Smoothies

I often have clients tell me how I’d be so proud of them because they whipped up a delicious smoothie for breakfast. When I ask what they put in their smoothie, I hear things like – “bananas, strawberries, yogurt, orange juice and milk.”  ...
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How (and why) I learned to Stand on a Stability Ball

As an athletic and performance oriented person, I’ve always got my eye on new athletic challenges that would be fun to achieve.  I’ve had a fascination with fitness, especially functional training, balance, stability, and athletic performance for years.  I also get a...
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