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Exactly What to Eat After Exercise

Submitted Jul 01,2015

For most of us, making time for a quality workout requires planning, re-arranging schedules and figuring out how and when to get to the gym each day. And that’s just getting to the gym.  Once you’re at the gym you put maximum effort into your workout so you can achieve your goals.  But did you […]

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Add Some Adventure & Fun to Your Fitness

Submitted May 06,2015

“Ok let’s do it”…We both looked at each other with nervous excitement as we finalized the plan for what started as the inkling of an idea I had about 2 years ago when I was reading an article about a group of women who challenged themselves to go rim-to-rim across the Grand Canyon in one day. They […]

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Ranna getting the treadmill set for her timed mile!

Client Snapshot: Ranna K.

Submitted Apr 21,2015

Meet my client Ranna! We started working together about 6 weeks ago and I wanted to share the great progress she has made with you. To her dismay I snapped some pictures of Ranna during her “fitness test” today.  She has shown awesome improvement in a relatively short time so I thought I would give you […]

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5 Reasons Eating Salads Could Be Making You Fat

Submitted Mar 18,2015

Having a salad is often a persons attempt at having a healthy meal.  I mean…the majority of ingredients are usually vegetables (unless you are eating a “salad fat” approach to dieting) so it’s hard not to assume it’s healthy.  I think having a salad is a great start to making healthy choices but you should know […]

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What is HIIT?

Submitted Mar 10,2015

WHAT IS HIIT? High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a short duration (15-60 Mins) exercise regime characterized alternating intervals of intense work followed by rest intervals. It is not uncommon for work intervals to approach 80% to 95% of one’s maximum heart rate (MHR) combined with rest intervals at a much lower effort (eg, 40%-50% of […]

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Sporty woman

Youth Athletics: Flexibility & Mobility to Prevent Injury

Submitted Feb 03,2015

Over the years I have had the opportunity and privilege to train a number of high school and youth athletes in the context of both coaching and conditioning.  Training young athletes is a lot of fun because the kids are pumped about their sport and they are really motivated to improve.  They are excited to […]

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tennis shoes and water

Travel Workout Video 2

Submitted Jan 26,2015

This video starts off a little confusing but you’ll get the point! Equipment needed: Treadmill (or the outdoor equivalent of a steep hill), exercise mat, dumbbells Summary: This is a continued response to the frequent requests I get for workouts and ideas for my clients who do a significant amount of business travel. Typically work […]

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Couple performing stretches in hallway, ground view

Achieving Fitness Goals In 2015: Part 1

Submitted Jan 06,2015

It’s the start of 2015 and I want to see each one of you reach your goals and beyond. I want you to set goals that push you to your limits and create a plan that will allow you to reach what you’ve envisioned. Over the last year I’ve learned some new things about reaching […]

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tennis shoes and water

Travel Workout Ideas: Video 1

Submitted Dec 04,2014

Equipment needed: Treadmill (or the outdoor equivalent of 1 mile) Some of the most frequent requests I get are for workout plans and ideas for my clients who do a significant amount of business travel. Since I am asked this question all the time, I thought I would try creating a series of videos people […]

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Testimonial: Nick Giardino

When I started training with Jes four years ago I was in the worst shape in my life and decided that I needed to change course. Now, at age 50, I am in the best shape ever. I run, play soccer and tennis, climb mountains, and can tackle any job around the house or yard […]

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