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Golf Fitness Testimonial: Don McGee

Submitted Oct 07,2015

I’ve been getting some very positive feedback about golf fitness class and though you might like to see how one of my students benefitted from just a few classes.   Over the last few years of teaching golf fitness, I’ve learned a lot…but one thing I’ve learned more than all the others is that there is […]

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Grand Canyon Rim to Rim: 21 Miles To The Other Side of “Me”

Submitted Oct 01,2015

Many of you already know that I went Rim to Rim across the Grand Canyon this year…what an experience!  As you will see from the photos and video, the landscape was breathtaking, the terrain challenging, the heat draining and the storm slightly frightening.  What was most amazing about going Rim to Rim was finishing, looking back over […]

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Recipe of the Month: Not Just Any Pancake

Submitted Sep 17,2015

  If you’ve worked with me personally or have been following me for any length of time, you know that I believe that no one should go through life without cookies, cake and brownies.  Of course, I’m not saying head on over to your nearest drive-thru and binge ~ you’ve also heard me talk about successful, […]

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Mel’s First Session Testimonial

Submitted Aug 24,2015

After having my second child I’ve been working for 7 months to lose the baby weight. I’ve taken numerous classes including orange theory, cardio kickboxing and total conditioning classes. I wanted to do a session w Jes to learn  how use weights correctly and how to get the most out of my workouts. We’ve had […]

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Understanding Your Metabolism – Part 1

Submitted Aug 13,2015

Mixed messages and information about metabolic rate and the calories and workouts it takes to burn fat make losing weight a daunting task.  In this post I briefly show the difference between weight loss and fat loss and then hope to get you started determining your own caloric needs by defining BMR and calculate your daily energy […]

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Golf Fitness: Right Arm Position Drill

Submitted Jul 19,2015

The most effective form of golf fitness includes both physically preparation in the gym and and practicing the various movements that are part of the swing so you can train your nervous system and muscles to execute the proper motion when playing. This is a drill Sandy Wagner showed us during practice club to help us get […]

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10 Strategies to Stop Cravings

Submitted Jul 16,2015

Do you ever wonder why you can’t stay away from junk food and what is it that makes it so irresistible?  Do you notice that the more you eat junk food the more lethargic and unmotivated you feel? Even though most of us know what the ramifications of junk food overload are, we still eat the stuff…WHY?  What is […]

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The One Habit That’s Killing Us (hint- we ALL do it)

Submitted Jul 14,2015

In his book “Get Up”, Dr. James Levine, obesity researcher and leader at Mayo Clinic makes strong claims about the severity of a common activity that every single one of us does.  Dr Levine feels that the simple act of to much sitting during the day – is killing you.  And to be honest I think he might […]

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Testimonial: Karen Godwin

Submitted Jul 07,2015

My name is Karen Godwin, I’m over 40 and I’ve been training with Jes for 3 years. I had been preparing for my black belt in Tang Soo Do when I was sidelined due to a foot injury. I wanted to maintain my conditioning, add strength training and work on flexibility in a different setting […]

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Exactly What to Eat After Exercise

Submitted Jul 01,2015

For most of us, making time for a quality workout requires planning, re-arranging schedules and figuring out how and when to get to the gym each day. And that’s just getting to the gym.  Once you’re at the gym you put maximum effort into your workout so you can achieve your goals.  But did you […]

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