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Add Some Adventure & Fun to Your Fitness

"Ok let's do it"...We both looked at each other with nervous excitement as we finalized the plan for what started as the inkling of an idea I had about 2 years ago when I was reading an article about a group of women who challenged themselves to go rim-to-rim across...
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Gym Tips & Workout Ideas – Tip # 2 Create a Healthy Nutrition Menu

Of course it's important to know which workout ideas will help you achieve your goals, but sometimes the most valuable gym tips are those you'll use when you're living life outside the gym.  If you truly want to succeed, learning to create a healthy nutrition menu...
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Healthy Meal Plans: Protein Drink Update

One of the great things about having clients as dedicated (or more) to fitness is that they often send me interesting little tidbits about fitness related media stories and research.  One of my best clients Cliff recently sent me this email: Hey Jes, Check out...
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Running a Marathon…My Perspective

For a smile.... In case you weren't sure, a marathon is 26.2 miles long. Yep, 26.2 horrendous miles. Unless you're nut's that is, then you might actually replace the word horrendous with enjoyable. If you can imagine running as far and as long as you possibly could...
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Proper Torso Rotation for Sports Performance and Core Strength Training Programs

You might be wondering…what is torso rotation and how can I do it properly in my core strength training or sports performance training routine? At first appearance, the concept of properly rotating the torso seems fairly straightforward.  Twist to the left and twist...
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Strategies for Running Your Best 5K this Year

Participating in running races gives you a method for tracking your progress. You can compare times from beginning to end of summer and see how much you improved. Plus you get to be outside and enjoy the excitement of crossing the finish line.  It doesn't matter if...
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Travel Workout Ideas: Video 1

Equipment needed: Treadmill (or the outdoor equivalent of 1 mile) Some of the most frequent requests I get are for workout plans and ideas for my clients who do a significant amount of business travel. Since I am asked this question all the time, I thought I would try...
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What? No Eight Minute Abs?

If I were like many ‘fitness celebrities’, this would be the point where I would pitch the ultimate fitness program, the miracle piece of home fitness equipment, or some other instant/8 minute result in a box (don’t forget shipping and handling). Fortunately for you,...
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Get the Skinny on Smoothies

I often have clients tell me how I'd be so proud of them because they whipped up a delicious smoothie for breakfast. When I ask what they put in their smoothie, I hear things like - "bananas, strawberries, yogurt, orange juice and milk."   Here’s the problem with...
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Lloyd James Teaches You How to Lose 100 Pounds

Learning how to lose 100 pounds isn’t the same as dieting to lose 10 or 20 pounds, it’s actually a very different journey.  Yes weight loss is the common denominator between these two goals but the numerator (10 vs. 100) requires solving these two equations in very...
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Running a Marathon: Training Essentials

If you've read my personal experience and still feel compelled to run a marathon, I compiled a breif list of basics you can use to get acclimated to the idea. Spring and summer offersmany competitive outdoor opportunities and one favorite is the marathon. The idea of...
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How (and why) I learned to Stand on a Stability Ball

As an athletic and performance oriented person, I’ve always got my eye on new athletic challenges that would be fun to achieve.  I’ve had a fascination with fitness, especially functional training, balance, stability, and athletic performance for years.  I also get a...
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I’ve continued to train with Jes over the years because Jes motivates, pushes, entertains, inspires and teaches me – always helping me see that I can achieve my goals. I consider her a partner in optimizing my health and an amazing coach. In fact, she recently helped me ramp up and conquer my 2nd degree black belt test and earn Grand Champion in a Pan-American tournament. Without her partnership, I would not have achieved this!…Read More

Karen Godwin

“I met Jes and we started the next week. Within eight months, I had lost nearly 40 lbs, and was in better shape at 55 than I was at 40, maybe even 30.”…Read More

Rich Sheridan

I did Jes Reynolds 10-Day Nutrition Reset and loved the results. It was a struggle and I was not perfect in following the reset 100%, however, I came through the 10 days feeling really good, having lots of energy, and losing about 7 lbs.

My goal in doing the 10-Day Nutrition Reset was not to lose weight; however…Read More

Jillian Beckley

When I started training with Jes four years ago I was in the worst shape in my life and decided that I needed to change course. Now, at age 50, I am in the best shape ever. I run, play soccer and tennis, climb mountains, and can tackle any job around the house or yard without fear of injury. Pretty much anything I want to do, I can now do. I feel physically fit, steady, strong, capable and confident…Read More

Nick Giardino

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