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Recipes for Success!

When I first started out in fitness, I often heard (but never believed) the phrase “you can’t out train a bad diet”.  In my opinion the people who said that were kindof full of themselves with their perfect eating habits and nutrition know-how…Wouldn’t you know...
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Trip to Panera Gone Bad

“Maybe I’ll go to Panera today for a healthy, balanced lunch.”  Seems like a reasonable idea, right? Many people with the best of intentions unknowingly sabotage themselves because of presumptions like this.  The fact that Panera seems to use healthy...
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Benefits of Yoga & Flexibility for Athletes

The yoga buzz has been going on for years.  While some of the benefits yoga offers are obvious (mind-body calming breathing thing), what are the physical benefits to athletes and those of us like myself who are obsessed with performance?  There has to be some benefit,...
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Achieving Fitness Goals In 2015: Part 1

It’s the start of 2015 and I want to see each one of you reach your goals and beyond. I want you to set goals that push you to your limits and create a plan that will allow you to reach what you’ve envisioned. Over the last year I’ve learned some new things about...
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Strength Training Workouts: Chest Workout Push-up Challenge

As you know, effective strength training workouts are an important part of producing fitness results. A favorite component of my chest strength training workouts is push-ups.  It may surprise you to know there are a lot of different ways to perform a push-up.  Most...
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On The Go Snack Ideas

Eating healthy on the go is a challenge requiring good planning and creative ideas and snacks are an important part of  daily healthy meal plans.  Keep these healthy snacks in mind when your at the grocery store then incorporate them into your healthy eating plan as...
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Fun Visit with MedSports Golf Fitness Professionals!

Had a great time going through the FMSA screen today with Pat Dyer!  Excited and looking forward to my certification in July!!!! Whoop Whoop!  Stay tuned for more details on golf...
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Lloyd James Teaches You How to Lose 100 Pounds

Learning how to lose 100 pounds isn’t the same as dieting to lose 10 or 20 pounds, it’s actually a very different journey.  Yes weight loss is the common denominator between these two goals but the numerator (10 vs. 100) requires solving these two equations in very...
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Fall Running Events: A great way to get in shape before the holidays

With the onset of fall and winter looming ahead, it’s your last chance this year to start training outdoors and enjoy the weather. A training program that includes 5K or 10K races is a great way to get in shape before the holidays while also enjoying the beauty...
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Gear up for Golf Season with these Golf Fitness Tips

***NOTE: This post was originally written in February of 2013*** Recently I gave a brief golf fitness presentation designed to help people learn various fitness practices that would improve their swing and consistency throughout the round.  The presentation was a lot...
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Running a Marathon…My Perspective

For a smile…. In case you weren’t sure, a marathon is 26.2 miles long. Yep, 26.2 horrendous miles. Unless you’re nut’s that is, then you might actually replace the word horrendous with enjoyable. If you can imagine running as far and as long as...
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Creating Healthy Meal Plans that Line Up With Your Goals: Part 1

There are a number of steps you should take to create a healthy meal plan that is in accordance with your goals. Define Your Goals As I’ve said before, fitness goals can range anywhere from qualifying for the Boston marathon, to weight loss, to fat loss, to building...
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